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carpal tunnel. dont know what to do...
tell the adjuster you want your own doctors and you are thinking of settling and ask if it's possible.
if they ask for a figure tell them you don't know. ask them what surgery costs and how long you 'll be out of work.
have them come up with a number.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I've heard what WC pays for surgery and what you pay out of pocket are two seperate amounts so if your adjuster says an amount check what you will actually have to pay for it, and don't expect to get it.
Problem with closing out the medical and taking a cash settlement is health insurance will never cover your hands because you took a cash settlement.

You will be paying for any future medical out of pocket, and with the nerves of the hands involved there will be future medical care needed.

Against the advice of others on this forum I settled on my knee by cash settlement.
Big mistake as no health insurance company will provide insurance for medical on that knee because I took a cashed out the medical.
Bummer knees, did you calculate what future med would be and did the cash out come close to that? Just wondering in case its an option for me. Thanks
The left knee was the only body part with perm disability. I am on SSDI and the law requires a medical set-aside account for future medical which amounted to $4,600.00.

The amount should cover a MRI and some x-rays, thats it.

I was under pressure to settle due to being injured at a wc doctor's appointent. Ended up with a cervical spine injury.
I did not. Still working on all that
The insurance company did the calculations, sent to medicare for their approval and presented it to the judge. The set-aside amount was a joke.

I wanted to settle because I wanted to pick my own doctor for the cervical surgery.
But I was on a lot of pain meds at the time and regret making the decision to settle the claim.
So 4000 is all the gave u?
That is what the insurance company estimated with medicare and the judge approving the amount.
Wow. You should of gotten more.

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