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Something strange going on at work
Thanks everyone, all opinions are appreciated.

Yesterday I sent an email to all concerned, that after spending half a day in this dept. I realize there is no way I can do this work and it is beyond my restrictions. I said that I would be making an appt. with my doctor for more current restrictions as they have changed as I have gotten worse. Also said that I am supposed to contact work comp if my job changes and I doubt it would be approved. Said that I am more than willing to take on any computer, desk related tasks so they would know I am not bowing out of my job. Also said I realize they have given my job to this new intern (so they would know I know what's going on) but fail to understand when my last performance review was glowing.

So the ball is back in their court. If this is what they wanted me to do, then they got it, but I do not want to risk reinjuring myself. They may not care if I do, but I do!

They can't justify replacing me in my original position, but then do they even have to? Can an employer just do that?

I will keep you updated on what happens from here because I am sure this is just the beginning. I'm waiting on getting an attorney to see what happens from this point forward.

We will see.

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