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Need Advice
Loooong back story here, but needs to be said so the whole picture can be put out there Smile

For the past two months I have been out of work due to severe anxiety and depression (not work related). For the first month, my primary care physician played around with meds... and came to the conclusion after meds did not work, there was no more that she could do and I will need to seek further help out side of a family practitioner and gave me paperwork for various help centers. I admitted myself to a behavioral health center and was put in a day treatment for 5 days. After this treatment, there was light at the end of the tunnel and I was making progress.

Fast forward a week... my short term disability company notified me that my claim was denied as my primary care physician was not treating me during a period of time and had no reason on why I could not work. I told the STD co that I was now under a different treatment which has nothing to do with my primary care dr. The STD co. made no attempt to contact the health center and labeled my time there as doing nothing, just not showing up to work. I now have to go through an appeal process.

The added stress of this from the denial, appeal, possible job loss and financial ruin has obliterated any progress I was making and I have not been able to return to work yet, even though I was released back to work a few days ago. I am following up with the health center to extend my release to work out further while this is happening.

As the STD co is only "administrative" in terms that they only process the claims, my employer pay the claims directly and I believe has the last say in if a claim i approved or denied.

As the actions of the STD co and my employer have spiraled my condition to an out of control state, can a workers compensation claim be filed?

On a side note, my employer is a huge corporation (bank). I am sure they have access to the best of the best legal wise. So if I can file WC, would it be worth it?
Do you mean file a claim because the stress of denial further aggravated a non work related condition? WC attorneys dont charge a fee to see if you have a case. Post your state for people that are familiar with your situation
Jay, exactly. I am from Iowa.
a claim can be filed for anything.
but no benefits can be paid without medical evidence to support it.
without a physician linking your aggravated condition to your employment, your claim will not be successful.

such claims of stress depend greatly on how the court has interpreted the state's definition of injury and employment. you should consult an atty specializing in workers compensation as to how Iowa case law has developed on this issue.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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