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I'm about ready to break something in two

I just called our insurance company about my eye surgery tomorrow. Apparently the surgical center only gave codes for part of the surgery. If I find out that they're not doing the laser part of the surgery then I won't have it done. It's not worth it, this is the last time I can have any debridement done of my left eye. The laser part done after they do the scraping is best done right afterward. The laser might stop the progression of the disease in it's tracks. I want the laser done, it has to be done. Otherwise like I said I won't have any of the surgery. Why put up with the pain of surgery if they're not going to do all of the surgery that they discussed. If the surgeon has changed his mine then he should of discussed that with me first and then I would of made the decision whether or not to have proceeded with the surgery.

This had better just be a clerical error. Otherwise the doctor's office is going to get an earfull from a very pissed off patient. I dread having this surgery done tomorrow, I've really prayed over it and steeled myself up. Finding out that it will be a half-assed job, half done is not what I want. I'm about ready to blow a gasket, wish I had a stupid punching bag.
Saying a prayer for you girl.

Are you waitting for a phone call from the insurance company, doctor's office to inform you surgery is a go?

How long is this surgery?
(04-17-2012, 04:28 PM)Bummer Knees Wrote: Saying a prayer for you girl.

Are you waitting for a phone call from the insurance company, doctor's office to inform you surgery is a go?

How long is this surgery?

I am waiting for the insurance company to call me back. The surgery is a go unless I cancel it. I don't want the surgery if laser isn't included. With just debridement it will stop the disease for a couple of yrs tops. It's been 6 years since the last debridement. With the laser done along with the debridement there is a 85% chance that the disease will stabilize. Otherwise the next step is a corneal transplant which I don't want, ever.

I will cancel this surgery as late as tomorrow while I'm at the surgical center. Sure I'd pay a penalty but I think I could have it reversed since they changed the surgery that the surgeon and I discussed. That will hold up in court since he talked about both debridement and laser and it's on tape plus his MA typed it into the computer at the same time.

PTK surgery for my disease has only a 60% chance of success if not done at the time of debridement. Debridement alone will only gain me time, I don't want to go thru that pain again without laser being done at the same time. I think most people would agree with me.

Both procedures take about 30 minutes combined time. Set up time is over 45 minutes, laser needs time to be set to the preferences of the eye. That calibration takes about 15 minutes, can't be done ahead of time since the eye adjust all the time and the pupil shifts positions.
Bodybuilder please keep us updated what happens.
Surgery will proceed
Not too happy, got the surgeon to agree to add an extra ointment to the procedure, not having the laser done. He got a bit shitty as did I, that's okay, it's my eyeball.

The ointment has a 78% chance of helping prevent the re-occurance of scar tissue. He just sent me the email stating that he would apply it. So it's legal, dam I'm good aren't I? No laser but got him to agree to do the ointment.

In my opinion the laser is 100% easier than doing any corneal transplant. Any surgeon who disagrees and no longer does laser should loose their license to practice. The laser can be done and then transplant if necessary. But the laser is a one time thing and it pays less. Considerably less, it's a one time thing with a one time followup. The corneal transplant has a yr or longer recovery time with dozens of followups, it pays better.

Stupid doctors, I guess it's rarely about what is better for the patient. Stupid me for researching something different, finding something cost effective, less side effects and can be fixed if something goes wrong.
Bodybuilder I do hope it works and things do as expected tomorrow.

Praying for you.
BB, prayers are with you and hope it all works out...
Oh joy, day of the surgery and things have gotten.....stupid.
What you expected me to say worse?

The surgical center gave the wrong codes for the bandaid contact lens that will be put on my left eye after surgery. So unless they correct that I will have to pay full cost for that contact lens. BCBS said that they questioned the type of contact lens to be used but billing maintains that it's a corrective contact lens.

Lord help me, what else now?


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