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Eye ball surgery moved up
Doesn't that sound just lovely? Scrape the eye ball, sounds like something from a Jason movie (never watched one personally, I prefer Alien). But it's been moved up a month early!!! I need it done but frankly I'd rather have my haemorrhoids cut off with no anesthetic. But it means that hopefully I can atleast put the eye ball crap on the back burner for a couple of years if not longer.

Any takers for replacing me in the chair with my eye ball?
Not me, I've had 4 eye surgeries, last one was with an out of body experience.

Let us know when the surgery will be, saying prayers for you.
Wednesday next week when I'm suppose to take Josh over to your school, is it okay if he can go on his own? I've been bugging him about your computer at the school but he's really busy with college. Those two online classes of his are killers, atleast according to him.
Josh will be fine, may have him help design a pamplet.
No thanks, I hate getting my eye scratched or even poked by somthing.. The pain is just awfull and couldnt imagine getting surgery on it.. But hope all goes well......

Bummer, how about that out of body expierence......?
I have had a few of those as well with my surgeries and flat lining... It is just a wierd place and is hard to explain to those who have never had it..
had one eye surgery thats my limit but thanks for the invite
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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