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what will happen next........Settlement? = What?
Of course the CI atty doesn't agree with the Psych report, that's pretty standard.

I'd say ditch your attorney, my first one went silent and I found another one. I ended up getting what I wanted. If your attorney isn't talking then find another one. You need proper representation and it sounds like you're not getting it.

We tend to always be nice here, sad to say that we're friends who met under bad circumstances. We support each other because we've all been there, we hold each others hands, laugh, cry and occasionally go off the deep end.

Hope you get your answers, check out the attorney page, ask around, I found a wonderful friend here who recommended her attorney.


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RE: what will happen next........Settlement? = What? - bodybuilder1958 - 04-11-2012, 09:54 PM

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