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Now that my husband was approved for SSDI and we have a little extra money I have been trying to find something to do that he would enjoy. He cant do the things he used to... Bowling, golf, dirt bikes. I thought laser tag but he immediately shot that down because of the uneven floor. After the kids and I went I quickly learned he wouldnt of been able to do it. Those kids would of knocked him over. I would like to find something outdoors to get him out of the house. I am at a loss as what to try.

Any suggestions?
All I can say is with my pelvis injury any uneven terrain hurts.. I find fishing to be enjoyable and relaxing.. maybe miniture golf, if your close to the big river, perhaps a boat ride/cruise.. I dont know whats in your area but atv rentals are growing here, of course somthing big like a utv would be good so he wouldnt get jarring.

I had a few raised garden beds put in , small but am able to reach accross to occupy my time durring the day.
we do alot of camping...we bought a used camper to see if we would like it then a new one when we did like it.We camp hosted and really enjoyed that.Now that he gets SSDI you can apply for and get a pass thru Federal parks for discount camping and some states give it also....Fishing licence also in our state....was $5 for 5 years cant beat that....check into the different programs your state may have for him.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

He sounds like me, always on the go wanting to be outside and it really cuts us like a knife when we have to tone it down Sad Does he enjoy making things? I know it's not the same and I don't know the extent of his injuries but I was thinking maybe woodworking? This could be done outside or in a garage and if he is or does get good at it might supplement your income (just an idea, don't know anything about your income of course). I know anything that makes me feel like the working person I was before helps me a whole lot mentally. Or maybe metalworking? Just trying to think of something. I was going to say fishing too, maybe off a dock where he isn't on uneven ground but I don't know what state you're in.
I got hooked on gardening kind of. You can ask Jayne about my Plumeria plants lol. Kept me kind of busy and gosh they smell good!
Thanks for the suggestions.

Bronco his pelvis does cause him the most grief. Uneven surfaces, sitting and standing are all issues. The broken leg/ankle on top of it and he is very unsteady on his feet. Should he loose his balance his bad shoulder doesnt allow him to try and regain gain it or steady himself adequately like most. Throw in his meds no longer work and its a mess. He's been on same meds for almost a year and a half! He does have a appt in May finally so hopefully the Dr will switch them. I think I'll fill out volunteer apps for local rescues. He should never be allowed to walk the dogs but he can cuddle and work on training. That he would like.

We live in Missouri. His injuries are...broken pelvis, leg/ankle, collar bone and shoulder.

I can relate, elbow pains, headaches, neck, back, pains it seems you can rub to relieve some pain, but with my pelvis pain there isnt much to do to help it but change positions or lay down. Even the wc quack stood up for me on that, no stairs, no ladders and no kneeling no crawling, any of those cause tremendous pain.. When I am at the computer, I slide a small couch cussion an the bottom and the back.. But even then, I have to get up and move around almost like clock work (( 15 min )).. As far as walking the dogs, Bronco is a puller, at least with me.. I take buster, he is older and I think he knows the pain Im in and soaking wet he is maybe 25lbs.. Although he is part beagle he just cant resist getting exited when we come accross a squirle or rabbits, but never jerks me..

Wood working is fun, and can lead to potential extra income, a neighbor of mine builds bird houses, materials are very cheap to build. He spends most of his time durring the winter building them and then rents lots at craft shows...

I have aT11 - L1 back Injury. I had surgery in 2006. 3 vertebrates were removed and replaced with a lot of titanium. They went thru the front left side; removed rib etc. I was post op 2 years before I was declared MMI. The Pain was Hell on Earth
I have Face Nerve damage and scar tissue pain where they went in on the left side.

I was Morbidly Obese when I was operated on. I was already over weight before the accident but I backed a extra 30 after this.

I have been on the Fentanyl Patch for almost 5 years and Lortab 10's for 7 years plus 1 other med. I did kick the Lyrica and Ambien to the curb. The Ambien withdrawals were tuff but I did it. Smile

In 2010, I decided it was time to make a effort to do the best I could to get physically and mentally in shape. I walk; It was extremely difficult for the beginning 3 months but I just pushed through.

I lost over 90 lbs in 2010. I have kept the weight off with a diet plan for life. I had to tell myself my only limitations was myself and I had to help myself.

I am on SSDI and have been since my Injury except for the 6 months.

I am not saying anyone is over weight but if you are this is a extreme handicap that can be rectified. Also exercise takes stress off the mind. I started walking less than 100 yards; Now I can do 3-4 miles a day. I hurt big time but I push through.

4 months ago, I had a heart issue. I have been in and out of the Hospital since Dec. 2011. Finally, I am in a "controlled" state. When released, I immediately started walking again.

Never sell yourself short of your capabilities. Besides 2 Narcotic, I now take 3 different heart meds for life.

A positive attitude is essential or one will put themselves prematurely 6 feet under from mind games.
I agree on that one I constantly suffer from depression I was a worker I put in a 8-10 hr day then came home and worked here we worked hard and played hard.....We made good money and we spent good money..When Bill first got hurt we went thru all the savings that first year...We got him back to work before we could get the savings built back up he reinjured...and then I went down....we were lucky we didnt lose the farm but we got darn close...we didnt lose each other.....that was important to us...Bill is old enough to retire now so he is Okay I hate not being productive....some days I can deal with it some days I am a cranky witch and I stay away from everyone....I love being at the campgrounds here I feel productive I am doing a job at my pace.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I love traveling. We head to the Big Apple in 2 weeks; then Orlando in May; then Key West in Aug and then to Orlando again with the grandchildren.

After my injury, I was big time depressed and suppressed for 7 years; I decided to do something about it; Enjoy Life to my physical limits which are much greater than I gave myself credit for until 2010.

One chance in this life on Earth; Eternal Life forever is my ultimate decision. I will have no physical handicaps there.
His depression got pretty bad. He's better now but still has his bad days. Him having a income after a year helped a lot. Although I never tried to make him feel like a needing or that he wasn't contributing, I know it bothered him.

Bronco he has one of those gel pads he can sit on. He uses it away from the house but normally at home he's laying on the couch. Its obvious , to me at least, when meds are filled or when hes out and waiting to have them approved. If it wasnt for our dogs he wouldnt get off the couch some days. We have puppies I'm working on leash training but once grown will be too strong to allow him to walk them. Our French bulldog could pull him over and our 250lb mastiff is a gentle giant but has nearly knocked him over walking by him.

Wood working may be a option. He can use some of the tools he already has. I'll have him build me shelves and see how motivated he is to complete them. Lol

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