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Can W/C start issuing IIBs without telling you
(03-19-2012, 11:17 AM)UndercovrAngel Wrote: It states right on the letter that if you disagree, you have a 90 day period from date of letter to disagree and file an appeal. It sounds to me as if it is time for you to talk to a few attorneys and see what they have to say. Also, double check your check stubs and make sure that they state they are for TIBs and not IIBs. If they state TIBs, then you have as of yet to start receiving those benefits.

Also, medical in the state of TX is for lifetime, regardless of being found MMI. If your Dr can convince the IC that the surgery is necessary, they can still approve it and it will be paid for by the IC. I would talk to your Dr about this and have him submit his request and the reasons why he feels this surgery is necessary. It will go through a UR and may/may not be approved, but you can still fight to get it the same way you would have fought for treatment if your claim would have been denied in the beginning. So don't give up totally as of yet.

Angel ^j^

Yea I did , I talked to W/C attorney today they said the MMI Dr. and set MMI at an earlier date and what was paid to you already is a credit . So in theory If i were to look for a job before they put me at mmi I will have to pay it all back if they caught me doing so , But they have no problem taking money from me sense I waited and the DR saying I was mmi 2 months prior . W/C = There for the employer not the employee .
I have had nothing but drama with them trying to get any procedure done . In a way I am giving up because I am tired of fighting them to fix my back

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RE: Can W/C start issuing IIBs without telling you - brainteazer1234 - 03-19-2012, 03:55 PM

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