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What to do about dr appt
ry not to make this too long, but I have a question about WP again. I was going to my PT for my neck and shoulder injury (has a fusion on c5 c6 in October) the people at WC and at my attorney’s office had dropped the ball several times with me. I was to see my dr and did the surgery and also the one that ordered PT for my shoulder. (It too over a year, before the shoulder doctor decided that I had a bad strain in my left shoulder) he did not give me restrictions even after I told him it was painful to left my left arm. I finally got the PT approved and was going up to last week. I still have about 8 PT’s for neck and shoulder, but I WP made appointments for me to see the doctors, I since I was not finished with PT, I called me attorney’s office asking them to change my appoints at least until March 1. I come to trail this week for my back pay that WC has not paid from the time it was decided I needed surgery until I had it. So, Last Monday, I did not go to see the shoulder doctor and that afternoon lawyer’s office called, telling me to call the WC case worker so my appointment would not be a “no show” I have been trying all week, leaving messages and they have not called me back. I called the lawyers office wanting to let them know I have not talked to WC. But in the meantime, I’m now waiting for the lawyers assistant to call me back. I just want to know it if this happens a lot. This has been going on since Sept 2010. I have not been back to work since I had the accident that caused my injury (fall)
I’m at the point that even though I know that something is causing me to have pain in my neck and shoulder still, I just want to say “ok” if they tell me no more restctions for my neck ( had a 10lb limit) but I still have pain when I try to left or carry anything. What happens if I stand my ground (I’ve tried before and the doctors just blow me off) and tell them that I still need testing, PT or something. I’m just at my wits end with all the runaround. I’m starting to really believe that the doctors could care less if I’m healed they just want to be done with my case and move on collect their pay ( I know they work with WC) so they could really just care less. By the way, I’m in Oklahoma. Thank you for any help someone can give me.
you can stand your ground whenever you want but don't expected the doctors or others in the system not to also stand their ground as well.
when it's a stand off, it's up to the court to decide the issue.

if your atty won't take it to the court, you can change at any time.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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