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NC - Rehab professionals rules (NCIC)
Hi everyone
The NC industrial commission website has some answers, but not to the questions that I have so I hope you all can help.

The nurse case manager had a vocational case manager complete a job analysis (which was 75% wrong and underestimating # of times things are done per shift, etc). No one has asked me about my job duties and my manager was unable to produce a comprehensive job description. I asked for information about this other manager, and I said I expected a copy of the analysis and communication between my employer and them about my job, etc. as per the NCIC rules that govern the nurse manager. Well she said that the vocational manager does not fall under the rules because he was used once just for this analysis. That seems kinda weird. So I guess if he is called back, when its closer to time to go back to work, then he falls under the guidelines? Or if they use someone different that person should? I dont think it sounds right for any rehab professionals to be operating outside of the rules, even if it is for a short time or limited function.

She also told my husband, who is helping me with communications (I have two broken hands - he is typing this for me! and I am on heavy narcotics (yes she is-- doesn't help with remembering phone conversations with these folks))) that his communications to her were unnecessary even on my behalf because I am the client, not him. She was really ticked but when I said wow you sure are upset she said NO, I am not upset. I am just telling you that I am required to only speak with my client. Nanny nanny boo boo, in effect. She apparently doesn't like emails-- no paper trails-- and wants everything to be on the phone. I am wondering if I should tell her i am going to have to record the conversations so I can remember them if I need to?? My husband offered to send email confirmations of my understanding of the conversations but she said "only if you feel the need to do so" and "I will not respond to his emails"..."he is not my client". Snippy snarky!

I am a little concerned, too because her monthly reports don't list the extent of my broken parts, and every time she comes after my doctors appointments all she asks about is when can I work. Even a little. Doing tasks that aren't my job but my subordinates tasks just to get me back at work in some capacity. When can I drive (um, I have two broken hands, doesn't sound too safe does it?). She doesn't even ask what meds I am on, but I guess she can get that from the medical record later if she so chooses.

Anyway I am considering hiring an attorney to just get this hassle off my plate. It's hard enough healing and dealing with day-to-day issues (imagine what no weight bearing on both hands means in terms of personal hygiene, folks! EEK) but then calling and calling, leaving messages that I haven't returned a call from an hour before, putting in the report that she is 'leaving messages, not getting responses'. etc etc. I am fully cooperating but she is slanting her report. Anyone else hire an attorney for a workers comp nurse manager in NC??? I spoke with some attorneys, they said as long as I was getting paid and getting medical bills paid there was nothing to do. I am thinking about down the line, I may have to have other surgeries and I am sensing the longer I am unable to work the more pushy this manager will get. Thank goodness she is not in charge of my care. My doctor is wonderful and understands the seriousness of my injuries. She doesn't even have them fully described in her reports. Ooops I am going on for days...sorry everybody I guess I had more to vent than I realized!
Thanks for any feedback.

ahhhhh the NCM you can insist she not go in with you to your DR visits,but make her own appt for after you have seen him.You are right she is going to get pushy its her job to get you back to work in any job asap.....and really if you can its better mentally for you.
keep looking for a lawyer he can get this snarky lady off your back.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Dabs ,
I would definately grab a Lawyer ! I got hurt almost 2 years ago and im still out of work . I wasnt going to but finally decided to after getting the run around. There are things you are entitled to that the comp ins wont tell you , For example , you are entitle to compensation for gas to get to and from the doctors , depending on how far you travel. Also your case manager DOES NOT have to be in there with you , They are required to talk to the doctor AFTER you but they definately do not have to be in there with you while your talking to the doc , all you have to do is tell them you want them to come in after your done and the attending nurse will make that happen. As far as anything else , if your getting paid and your bills are being taken care of there is nothing a lawyer can do untill you reach MMI HOWEVER , you should definately get one to play the middle man , things will go alot easier for you , believe me . And most do not get paid until you do . So go get represented for piece of mind.

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