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Todd's transplant is Tuesday, February 21st
I am been posting for months about my brother-in-law Todd who has been in kidney failure for years and in need of a transplant.

Todd's first transplant was August 2011, his wife Lori donated a kidney. It was was a failed transplant as the kidney died the day after surgery.

A friend of the family is donating a kidney to Todd. Things are been done differently with surgery to increase the success of the transplant.

Todd is young only 50 yrs, I have learned kidney problems are common in his family.

Todd & Lori have 4 boys, their youngest the same age as my son, the lovely age of 13 yrs.

Please say a prayer for this family and the success of the transplant next Tuesday.
you got it bummer, hope and pray the second one is the ticket...
be praying in Okla also Kathy
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thanks Jayne & Bronco.

I thought my son ws doing okay with his Uncle Todd being sick but I received a phone call from the school a short time ago. Seems Cody got in trouble at school today running his mouth. The principal pulled Cody in his office talked to him and then called me.

What Cody did & said was wrong, but at the end of the talk with the principal Cody started crying and talking about his Uncle Roger. His Uncle Roger is the uncle who went hunting and never came home last year. My sister found him dead in the deer hunting stand in the pasture where he was hunting.

Seems Cody has Uncle Roger on his mind and knows his Uncle Todd will have the kidney transplant next week. The way the autistic mind process things makes for a confused and emotional Cody.
Just got the pohone call, surgery is off.

Yesterday Todd & the Donor went to the hospital with both donating blood.

When the lab started mixing the blood together the blood started clotting.

The doctor's called of surgery said the kidney would die due to bood clotting if the surgery happened.

Todd's name is back on the national registery and now the wait goes on for a kidney.
oh geez Kathy it must be terriably disapointing for Todd and your entire family....Prayers
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Todd is taking this well but is wife, Lori is an emotional wreck.

Dennis, (my hubby who is Lori's older brother) picked up Lori from work and took her to their mother's house.
I cannot imagine her pain.I know the hell I went thru when Bill had his heart bypass and it was a fairly everyday surgery nowadays.I cant imagine the hell of waiting for a kidney....getting it, it dying....waiting getting it and having it taken away at the last minute....Give her a hug from me...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Oh geeze Bummer, I'm so sorr to hear... Thats got to be so disapointing, Ihope a new one comes faster this time.... Prayers are still with you's.
God has a reason, I'm grateful that they found this before the transplant. It should be a routine test but it's not. It would save alot of grief

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