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confused. Wyoming injury
Was injured in Wyoming in 2010, but live in Utah looking for some advice!

Had a head/neck injury, first was told it was just a concussion, but the pain and numbness in left side of body wouldn't go away so my doctor sent me for another MRI which showed 2 herinated discs in my cervical spine and 5 in my thoracic spine, now after radio frequency liaisoning of c3,c4,c5c7, epidural injections at t4-t5, c7-t1 the pain has gotten extremely worse mostly in my lower back!

1st? Workmens Comp keeps denying payment for services below c7 even though all procedures are pre- authorized by them! The doctor says the pain in my back is from the injury since it was visible in the first MRI taken the night of the accident and the ER doctor over looked it!

2nd? My case worker has scheduled an IME??? Something to do with an impairment award? Does this mean there closing out my case?

3rd? Should i try and request another MRI to look at my lumber spine??? A friend claims the pain i am describing is from my L spine??? The accident involved me jamming my head/neck/body vertically into the roof of a piece of machinery!!

Any help would be appreciated, have tried looking for similar situations to get answers with no luck, having a hard time with the pain,headaches, numbness in left side of body!

get a lawyer to help you.
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you can take them to court on the dispute over your treatment.

it depends on what the IME says. if there is no more doctors can do to improve your condition then they would start impairment benefits.

depending on what the IME says you may need additional medical opinions including an MRI to use as evidence if you wanted to dispute the IME.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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