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We are waiting for our decison from SSDI. We sent in all our paperwork and the dr's sent back their stuff. We just got a letter in the mail with an appt for a psychologist (memory test) saying they needed more information before a decision... My husband has a mild traumatic brain injury resulting in post-concussion syndrome, he has balance issues, memory problems, etc and cannot drive.

Is this normal and I guess I am wondering if it is a bad thing?

We were really hoping the SSDI got approved first round, I was our sole income and I was just laid off from work 3 weeks ago...

Anyone have any experience?
We filed online begining of Oct. My husband had his exam in January. His appt was with a orthopedic intern. The dr said it would take 2 weeks to get his report in. Last time I called it wasn't in but the determination office said she expected it that week. We still haven't heard anything. We will be calling again today.

I have been the only income since his accident also and made it clear to his determination rep that we need this income. I see it as a good sign he wasn't denied right away after we applied or after his exam. That doesnt mean I don't expect to be denied.
I was sent to SSA Doctor of Choice in 2005. He looked at the xrays and said OMG you must be in pain. I received my denial letter 1 month later.

I appealed of course and was approved on the 2nd go round. It cost me Attorney fees but........

Age can be a significant factor in SSA determination of a disability. Under 50 has different qualification than above 50, then 55 relaxes again.
My sister in law who was diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer has been turned down 3 times but I know someone who was approved for a slip disc but he was 54 years old.

Good Luck
The SSA worker who did my intake shared with me December-January is a very busy time of year for Social Security Administration as most individuals retire this time of year so things take longer this time of year.

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