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Lost in the wc system
I am not advising against getting a Attorney. What I am saying is It could be difficult to get one onboard because of where the OP is currently at.

I would definitely get my Doctor of choice opinion whether it was with A Attorney or on my own. Just my opinion.
I would want to hear a unbiased opinion for sure. WC will be hot and heavy to settle. Small Indemnity etc. Been there done that.

WC will try and starve you out. If one is not working, the waiting game becomes really difficult.

Start looking for a WC Attorney NOW. Not a personal Injury Attorney but one that knows the WC laws of Texas.

Good Luck and move forward at a fast pace to retain a Attorney.

(02-02-2012, 11:35 AM)jayne Wrote: ask for a disc o gram it is a "no fail" test of the disk area that a mri and xray misses if your pain is still that hi and you are not a baby when it comes to pain ask for this test but ask for it to be done at a pain clinic. it will show if the discs are leaking and causing the pain you are feeling. Be advised this is a painfull test if they are leaking so have it done at a pain clinic .they also told me nothing was wrong after this test they found the leaking discs.

Oh for god's sake don't get a discogram. They are far from "no fail" and are more like closer to chance.

Back to OP.

A minor bulge with some encroachment but not impingement might be causing some problem, but I would be surprised it were to the level you are described.

As someone else mentioned, the IC is looking for an MMI (which a doctor decides, not "the system") quickly. After all, they have essentially a negative MRI (minor bulging/dessication are common).

Do you have any numbness in your leg? Weakness? I don't know how you injured yourself but has anyone done a CT to check for fracture?

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