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Wedding Pictures by Red
[attachment=989] Tom and my brother Steve our minister and our pastor watching me and my father come up the isle.

[attachment=990] This is me and my Tom after our marriage.

[attachment=991] This is me and dad and you can see some of my family and guest at our church in Roseburg.

[attachment=992] This is Tom and I and his three kids. Two are not living at home and one is with her mother except for week ends... Ashtyn was in our wedding party. She is very tall for a 13 year old.
[attachment=993] This is me and Tom in my apt. at Christmas time.

[attachment=994] Me and Tom again in my (now our apt.) at Christmas Time.
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Beautiful Carol if he makes you happy and raises a hand to you only in love then I am happy and pleased with him and you.When God places us under a mans headship it is in love not in fear and we are to stay because of love and respect nor out of fear.I hope and pray he loves you as Bill loves me,treats you as Bill treats me and respects you as Bills does me....if so you will be under a headship that is a loving,respectful and christian.What more can you ask for?May God bless your marriage.
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