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what happens after you receive an ama report-california
I just received a copy of my AME report, in it he said my right knee was rated 20% for range of motion and 10% for my left knee for a total of 12% wpi with 2% for pain. He just listed ROM, he didn't add a rating for arthritis that has set in due to my injury, or for my hypertension. Is this the final say or does my Dr. have a say in my final rating? He stated that I was MMI, and would need future medical evaluations, meds, p.t, and medical devices. He stated that he does not know if I would need any future medical surgeries. What happens if I retear my knee again? I still have pain, daily, but from what I have gathered, they don't really care if I am still in pain. What is the next step in the wc process? Also, when do they start paying pd?
what's an AMA report?
the American Medical Association is a very large organization that produces many research studies.

did you mean Agreed Medical Examiner?

if so then yes, you can challenge the completeness of an AME exam. usually done thru a deposition.
discuss it with your atty.

future medical under workers comp does NOT cover future injuries or conditions -- only the work injury.
another injury to your knee would be handled thru your health insurance unless in happened at work.

the law does not require them to care; medical care and insurance benefits is a business not charity.
the law does not require doctors make you pain free.

they are required to begin advances on your ultimate PD determination within 2 weeks after completion of TD or when you are P&S which ever comes later.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Ya sorry, I meant an AME report. So are you saying they are not responsible for the degenerative changes(arthritis) that were caused by my injury? I guess that I was misinformed. I was under the assumption that my family Dr. Couldn't treat my knees because of the damage from this injury. And I think that it should be their responsibility to care for my pain as it was my employers fault I was injured and will have to live with pain for the rest of my life due to their error Also, my thread didn't mention anything about a hand out, I'm not looking for charity. I would much rather be able to pick up my kids and go out and play with them without being in pain, I would rather have that then any sum this screwed up wc can offer me.
we all feel this way.....we just did what we were supposed to.We got up off our butts and went to work,and we got hurt now we are losing everything we have earned.....doesnt seem fair does it? best you can do is make sure you have a darn good lawyer to make sure you get all you are intitled to.cuz you can bet they will have a team of lawyers to cover their butts.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

medical care is not the same as feelings of caring; one is a business the other is person-to-person based emotion.
unless you do a lumpsum buyout (Compromise & Release) they will provide future "care" for the injury.
they will not provide treatment if you re-tear your knee.
an insurance carrier can provide medical benefits but it can't have feelings of "caring". I cannot provide treatment but I can post on this board because I can care about those needing help. I try not to confuse the two.

there are many, many patients with serious injuries and conditions that do not recover 100% and have to live with permanent restrictions.
learning to live with being less then 100% can be difficult, frustrating, and often leaves patients angry, upset, and looking to blame. talk to your doctor about these issues. depression can be a common response to prolonged pain and a dramatic change/loss in lifestyle.
it's very similar to dealing with grief and death of a loved one----in this case your former life.
if you are experiencing depression symptoms, you need to request professional help; it's not something that will go away on it's own or get better if left untreated.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I too suggest you get some counseling. It's a rough road learning to accept that you have a life-altering injury. Some handle this better than others. I didn't handle it well and had a breakdown. After 16 months in a very dark place, going through psycho therapy all during the process, I am happy to report that life does get better. It isn't the same but you can learn to adjust.
Let Go, and Let God......
I know the difference between medical care and caring! We all know they don't care(feeling) about whether we are in pain. But they should cover medical care(business) for pain! 1171 you should relax, that post sounded like a robot. All I was asking for in my initial post was help and guidance. You weren't very helpful with that nonsense! I didn't say anything about being depressed, I may get angry at this messed up system, but I don't have to sit around being depressed! I have a family to take care of! No, life doesn't stop because I am in pain. I don't have that option, I still have to get up, and show up for life. And You really shouldn't be telling people they need counseling If you don't know their issues. I wish this would have been a simple post. Not dramatic! Keep it simple!
uh oh dont go there girlie.....1171 gave you the facts period.the rest of us try and give you the warm fuzzie part...some times we fail.....but we dont let anyone use bad manners toward our members 1171 answered you to the best of his abilty using his time for no fee.Everyone here is here free we get no money. we do it to help injured workers.We cant read your mind we do the best we can.You owe him an apoligy.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Sorry you were offended. No harm intended. Yes, 1171 does get to the point and he's seen enough to recognize what you and I might not. I was also upset when he suggested I needed some counseling but guess what, he was soooooooooooo right. Don't take it personal. We all think we are strong, but we too fall. It's being human.
Let Go, and Let God......
Actually its Mr! And no I don't, that wasn't using bad manners at all, I've read a lot worse on here.And for 1171 to state that I need counseling is out of line. don't get me wrong, I do appreciate him for answering my post, but some of it was overboard. He actually answered to my first posting last year. And was helpful. I would like to thank you also.

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