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oklahoma injured knee
Critter my list of questions to you would be this.
1) What type of surgery have you had done on your knee?
2) Any other treatments done like cortisone shots, joint lubrication shots (Synvisc), braces, etc
3) How old are you?

Age is a factor, mine was, I'm 53 and extremely active, I had a total joint done in April of last year. Two and a half months later I was hiking 4 to 8 miles a day in Yellowstone. Yes it may only last 6 to 20 years but it's worth it to me not having the pain. Before the surgery I walked with a cane, limited distances, knee would swell, buckle. I still exercised, lifted weights, I lost my job because of the knee but you know I'd do it again. But now I have some on off hip pain on that leg due to the gait that I had for over 5 years. My other knee never bothered me until 3 years ago and I found out a couple of months ago during a scope that I'm bone on bone in that knee. But that one is not work comp and I want to keep it that way. My right knee buckled at the doctor's office in September and I was able to have surgery on it two days later.

Ask alot of questions to every doctor you see, make a list. If you want help with the list let me know, glad to help.

My only regret in all of this is that it cost me the job I loved and was damn good at. But most days I'm happy helping my family and traveling when I can with my husband.

Take care,
Great post Bodybuilder
Bodybuilder I am 43 and have had the scopic surgery to clean it in Sep 11. I then had euflexxa injections in November. I am currently off work have been since september. I went back to doctor this a.m. and he is putting in for total knee replacement with a second opinion because I asked for one so I guess depending on it I will see what to do next. I just know I am so scared because I hear it is very painful. Lol. I don't do well with doctors dentist or anything that hurts.
Critter, did your doctor mention DJD (degenerative joint disease) in that knee? Usually doctors try a combination of Synvisc and a unloader brace first. But I don't have your films in front of me. I had an infection in my joint after my first WC scope caused by the doctor. It caused me to loose 20+ percent of my bone medially (inside of the knee, outside is laterally). The synvisc and the unloader gave me another 26 months before the knee buckled causing me to loose my job eventually because I couldn't walk. It's worth a shot, one never knows.

I'd be asking about options, it's important, it's also important to get a second opinion. Learn all you can about your condition. If you have a family member or good friend in the medical field have them go with you to your appointment. Sometimes it's good just to have another set of ears (but some doctors won't allow it) I can tell you that things will probably get ugly after your doctor suggests a joint replacement. Some people (it's getting there for me), are able to kneel on their knee once all the swelling goes down, but not everyone.

The pain really for me wasn't bad after surgery. My problem was my blood pressure, it was really, really low after surgery. I didn't make it out the door of my room until the day I was discharged. But pain control after surgery is something you really need to talk to your doctor about after surgery. You'll find that the doctors will bend over backwards to ensure you're as comfortable as possible after surgery. Yes it's going to hurt but the sooner one gets up and moves around the better.

Educate yourself, learn about the different types of knee replacements. Make sure that your surgeon is board certified, that he's done a few hundred or even thousand. Ask around. The surgeon I ended up with does mainly joint replacements. Don't be afraid to ask alot of questions your doctor hopefully will be good about answering them. There are forums that specialize in joint replacement. About.com is a good place to start.

I have a DePuy knee, it's not the glide knee joint (too many problems with that one, patella can dislocate). My replacement was computer fitted for my knee, it fits my small frame body. Be leary of a unicompartmental knee (where they only replace the damaged part), they're not as successful long term.

Yes you're young but one way to look at this is qualify of life. My life stank, literally, I had chronic pain due to my knee, lost my job, had severe trouble walking long distance but I never, ever used an electric cart. I did walk on it, bitched alot but I walked. I also stretched daily, still do, still did aerobics, weight training and now (except it's too bloody cold outside) I bike again. I have all of my life back except my job.

I have a niece who is 22 now, she had a total knee done at 13 due to juvenile arthritis. Age was never a factor, she's also had a hip done. Yes it's hard when you're so young but think of what you will be able to do later. But make sure you actually need it, ask about the options I mentioned. Having a TKR is hard, it's a hard rehab, if your heart is not in it then say no for now but make sure you keep your medical open.

Take care,
Critter as Bodybuilder mentioned education in learning about TKR's is very important.

As I earlier mentioned my implant is the Stryker implant for women. While my knee is much improved I am not happy with the results.

My doctor's mentioned age (the you are to young for a TKR) but the medical need for a replacement won out.

Most surgeon's will only do the surgery if you agree to attend all therapy appointments and work hard at rehab.

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