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Personal insurance used!?!
He used our insurance to fill his pain pills today. Will this cause problems? This is the first time its ever been used for his work injury. I have to admit I am pretty upset about it. Not because he used our insurance but for a different reason.
ammowoman, Not sure on the reason why he used his own ins.. My attorney and our private ins and I signed a lien agreement, more less stating the bill would be settled when settlement happens.. Even before they said I was at mmi I had used private ins simply because the adjuster dragged her feet on aproving the meds.. It has been almost a year now and have been using my private ins for meds, appoinments and procedures. Like my attorney said to document and keep all reciepts paid from me or my private ins that was related to injury.. It will all be taken care of at the end.....
He had a few reasons but all I heard was it was a little early for the refill...

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