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Back to the eye specialist
Scary, of all the things that can happen to someone as they age the probability of loosing my sight or having it greatly reduced never occurred to me. My first eye specialist told me that had my former eye doctor done his job properly I'd never of ended up in his chair much less endure 5 eye surgeries.

I wish I could say that the new (very expensive) eye drops, the new ointment has worked but I don't think so. The light sensitivity has at times gotten worse. I wear two pairs of sun glasses to drive or be in the passenger seat of the car. I've even had to wear sun glasses at night because of the oncoming car lights.

Hoping to hear today that the corneal swelling has gone done or reversed entirely. If not the next step is steroid eye drops, the last time I was on them it caused migranes that didn't stop. This will be the last time I can use steroid eye drops if that is the course. They can only be used 3 times with my eye disease for fear of causing me to develop glaucoma. (Funny, glaucoma is more treatable)

Sigh, bringing me closer to God that's for sure. He has a reason...

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