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United Way Allocation Hearings
In our area once a year agencies who receive United Way funding go before the United Way Board and talk programs & budget.

Agencies explain why their programs are in place, the need for their programs in the community, and why they need funding from United Way to make those programs happen.

Today is the day the non-profit I am with goes in front of the UW Board.
As agency chair I will present along with our agencys treasurer, who is also a public accountant.

Ours is a unique program, the administration is volunteer based.

Last year the agency served 72 special needs children in the summer program. In other programs we served over 300 families, and provided support services to nine school districts.

Please say a prayer that I do well as I speak the the Unitd Way Board.
Kathy I have no doubt you will knock their socks off
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Back from the UW Allocation Hearing, I think we made a lasting & positive impression with the United Way Board.

The agency member who presented with me always talks money part while I focused on two of our programs today.

The teacher who presented with us today spoke of how the numbers exploded with the summer program this year and how the cuts in school funding has increased the demand for our program.
I knew you could do it, well done.

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