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Incident at a small store left me shaken to the core
Hi All,

I went into a small drugstore in our area that I have frequented for over 21 years. I love or should I say loved this store. They have prices that can't be beat by most sales. It's in a bad part of town but like I said, prices, stuff that you really can't buy else where.

This morning I went with my autistic son into this store but they didn't have the two supplements in stock that I normally purchase there. My son was looking for generic zyrtec, he found some but we discussed that perhaps the Walmart brand would be better, more tablets, etc. He put the product back but not back in it's 'proper' spot. He got some m&m's, I purchased that along with 2 sodas. I refused the bag since it costs them money, I normally do that. I made the mistake of putting the receipt in the trash can on my way out. I paid cash for my purchases.

We went up the road to Walmart but their prices had gone up on generic zyrtec. So went went back to the drug store. Josh went in by himself this time, I figured he'd be a couple of minutes. Sure enough out he comes with a box of his zyrtec, no bag, I notice immediately that there was a gentleman following him.

I put down my window and he immediately asked me what I had put in my purse, he wanted to know what my son had put into his pockets. I had my son empty his pockets, he didn't have the receipt. I told the manager that I wasn't in the store that time. Oh but they had me on tape, he wanted to know what that 'black thing was' that I put into my purse. Uh stupid, it was my coin purse that I put the change in.

We went into the store, immediately a cashier handed him my son's receipt proving that he had paid for the merchandise. Then he asked my son where he put the other box that he had originally. My son told him at the pharmacy, so we walked back to the pharmacy and sure enough almost immediately the manager found the box. Yes he apologized but he used the same tone to apologize that he used while he was accusing us of stealing. We followed him back up to the registers where he gave my son his zyrtec and the receipt. When he turned back to face me again I offered him my hand. I told him I would probably be back but not until I let a few hundred of my friends know about what had happened.

He countered by saying that my son was acting strangely, putting his hands in his pockets, acting nervous. My immediate reply to him was that my son is autistic, he's high strung.

But I'm shaken, I'm 53 years old, I've never, ever been accused of stealing anything in my life. I told my kids growing up that if I ever got a call about them stealing that I'd be arrested for paddling them in public. I've never gotten that call. I don't know if I'll ever return to that store again. This happened at 11:00 this morning, 4 hours later I'm still upset about it. I offered the manager my hand to prove to him that I was the better person, I never raised my voice to him, his voice changed pitch 5 different times. He even became quite loud. My husband probably would of been arrested if this had happened to him. I guess I've mellowed, but what is this world coming to anymore?

Thanks for letting me vent,
we came from a world where our word was our bond.it isnt anymore I can remember getting my butt busted many times on the word of an adult growing up for things I didnt do and swore I would never do that to my children.Adults dont always tell the truth anymore.Always take your receipt.And tell your children to protect them selves by always taking one also.
I would however contact the owner he needs to know his manager is running off long time customers...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne I emailed the owner personally, I doubt that I will hear from him. I realize that store staff have alot of problems with shoplifters. But he could of handled this so much better. No shouting at us in the parking lot, he could of just said" "Ma'm, I think we have a problem, could you please come back into the store so we can clear this up." Eloquence is sorely missing in today's society. Knowing how to handle people appropriately so that no one is embarrassed. Offering me his hand first with a sincere apology, that would of been so much better.
yep he could have maybe a book on manners for managers for christmas is in order
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

(12-14-2011, 06:12 PM)jayne Wrote: yep he could have maybe a book on manners for managers christmas is in order

Ah Christmas, that's another part of the problem, his surname is arabic, I doubt that he practices Christmas and he was rude because I'm a female, I was driving, I was wearing jeans, my head wasn't covered, I'm just an infidel.
BB you are right... he is Arabic and they do not celebrate Christmas like you and I do. I worked with one. and my god they are the worse to work with.. and It was in retail. as that is what i have done all my life. Yes that manager should of been nice and polite from the start of the encounter and untill you left the property. But if you work in and higg theft store, and it is also busy you seem to run around with your blood pressure up, we all need to stop and relax in the retail world, and not let the actual thiefs stress us out. Working in that enviroment will definately casue a person to stress and not think sometimes before they react. But that is no excuse he should of been more polite in the way he handled it.
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Sounds like that store just lost a couple of good customers today.

Don't think I would have been as nice as you were, sorry you had to go thru that.
BB If I were you I would call his district manager and report his behavior to him. If it goes to the DM, they will have to react.
Cervical Fusion 2003, c5-c6. Herniated and damaged Disc L1- L4-L5 S1. Lumbar Spinal Cord stimulator implant 09-2008. Cervical ACDF revision with hardware c4-c5-c6-c7 Sept 2009.
Sorry to hear BB, and you would have thought like you said you have shopped there for so long, it should have been handled differently... I wouldnt let it rest, post a personal add in the local paper on what happened. People like that should be fired.....
BB, Sorry to hear of that horrible experience. I must say as a prior "retail undercover sercurity officer" there is no way ever...and I mean ever, should anybody ever stop you or a child for stealing if they are not 150% sure that you did it. They can get in big trouble and even sued for it. If a security officer loses sight for a millimeter of a second, then they are not 150% sure and cannot prove anything. and asking about the "black thing" you put in your purse right there tells me they had no idea what they were accusing you off taking. They should have been able to identify the product immediately and they should have a policy in place that you must take a bag with purchase (even though you were trying to save them $$) If that should ever happen again, in which I hope it does not, call 911 immediately and tell them you are being falsely detained by retail security, also ask to see the surveillance tape!

The arabic people have a very different culture as we all know and the way they speak to people is horrific. I worked with people from India/Shri Lanka and they also have very poor people skills. We used to battle all of the time because they always came acrossed so rude and demeaning, not how I treated people, even people I knew stole things.
Live, Laugh, Love ~

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