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PS in Cali? I think NOT!
I think NOT but what do I really know?...sigh..

Hello All!

I'm sure many of you have crossed this road so your insight is more than welcome.

I have two claims which happened weeks apart earlier this year.
I switched doctors abt 4 months ago was working at the time on vicodin, tramadol, sleeping at work. Unsafe at work. Dr. Refused to take me off because he claimed the company wanted all employees working. I bit the bullet, hoping to switch providers so I could get some honest eval....therapies were much appreciated but didn't get to the root of my problem.

A few weeks after switching to two separate doctors for each injury, I was taken off work cause employer could not accommodate modified duty for more than 90 days.
Three more months of therapies done. Last few weeks of therapies has made my pain worse.

After receiving copies of reports, I realized the docs were not documenting my complaints and falsifying physical exams. I made sure to have a witness with me during exams.. Several times my support person was told she/he could not be in the room while I was being examined.

Why would I stay with docs for two months knowing there was a pattern of this behavior? I told my atty and was waiting for him to file docs to rescue me from the jaws of death.Wink so I could be removed from the network....Patiently waiting.

Re: PS ...One Dr recently wanted to write a PS report....this happens to be the claim I am not receiving TTD for. Informed Dr. I wanted to switch physicians and the reason why. Dr gave me 3 more weeks off until I could find a Dr. And transfer care.

I complained to adjustor abt doctors . Adjuster tells me he spoke with the doctors boss and the PS report will be written this month on one claim and at 6 months its time for a PS report.

FYI..Adjuster says I don't have an atty. And suggested a QME... He also says once PS is written, TTD will stop. Only I don't think he realizes that I am not being paid TTD on this specific claim .

Thanks for hearing me out.

Can doctors write a PS report without me present? Can they stop TTD on the claim I'm not being paid on? In the meantime, I asked adjuster to send me a regional list of providers. States that doctor will write PS anyway, even if I switch providers....
1171 is the expert on Cali WC what were your injuries and what job were you doing that was safe enough for you to work on vicodin?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

yes, a doctor can give their opinion without you present.
even if you are not being paid TTD on a claim, the doctor can comment on your TTD status.
obviously if the carrier is not making disability payments they can't stop their disability payments.

P.S. the doctor can however address both conditions/injuries and comment on TTD status of both and they can stop disability payments on the other claim.

it's all about having medical evidence to support the carrier's decisions and not about whether you agree.
it's extremely difficult to control your own medical care while under your employers work comp claim.

continue to discuss your options with your atty.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
1171 is the expert on Cali WC what were your injuries and what job were you doing that was safe enough for you to work on vicodin?

Hi Jayne,

A few of my injuries are posterior disc protrusions @ L2 thru L5 with annular fissure and trace central protrusion.

I work in the medical field caring for human beings Smile My adjuster, supervisor, doctors, head of occupational med were all aware of my safety concerns.

..On several occasions I took a taxi to and from work. When I refused patient care for safety reasons, dr still would not address this. Said my supervisor would need to assign me according to my limitations. Drs limitations were focused on lifting, standing, sitting restrictions.

I was assigned to paperwork, in the end, after standing my ground still unalert and unsafe pushing paper with an altered level of consciousness. Sad ....Thank goodness that is OVER!!
continue to discuss your options with your atty.

1171- Thanks for your insight. You give such a good dose of reality...No sugar coating just a strait shooter..... "difficult to control your own medical care" is an understatement. This WC world is chaotic. Feels like a free fall.

If I must be denied TTD payments while this is unraveled, so be it... The start of my TTD payments were delayed 2 months for no good reason while my file passed through 4 adjusters hands. Think I grew elephant skin during this time. I'm willing to wait again while the medical evidence is reviewed.

Staying hopeful, patient, thankful and looking forward to returning to the job I love after I receive adequate evaluation, care and an objective prognosis.

Will definitely discuss my options with atty. Thanks.Smile
from reading a number of work comp posts over the years i thought more hard information was needed. not that "moral support" and empathy is not also necessary--just looking to balance.

a common confusion about work comp insurance for those that have not been there, is to try as use it as health insurance or treat it like a negligence law suit.
of course, comp behaves as neither and frustration/anger is often the result.

comp is unique and if understood better it might get one's expectations to be more accurate.

always look to non-comp alternatives if comp is in delay or denial e.g. State disability can fill in the gaps with disability payments & Health insurance should pay for denied care. both can file liens against comp as one or the other is generally liable once the court decides.

yes, keep in regular touch with your employer. comp claims are equally misunderstood by them and the relationship can be destroyed by those misunderstandings.
A Healthy & Happy Christmas To You.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
A Healthy & Happy Christmas To You.

Wink1171-Thank you again for that additional bit of info..Happy Happy Holidays to you, too!


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