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I received my AME Report along with a check for Permanent Disability

i thought you repugs hated all government regulations; especially "socialist" things like workers comp....
if you left it to up to the employers and carriers, most workers wouldn't even get a little check.

if you work for something you should get it 1171....but all those sucking on the public teat for 2 and 3 generations that are treated better than the working person by the Democrats pisses me off.....get off their knees and get a job like the rest of us did...Both my husband and I worked 2 jobs sometimes to make ends meet and eat alot of beans but we did it. and raise 8 kids no excuses.cheap shot by a bitter Democrat your prez aint woring out so well is he?

Newt will save us huh?Sorry he's been sucking the public teat for years,as any career politician.Sorry i'll stick with my dems at least the're not gonna hand my grandma or mom a voucher for health care and cut off her Social security .So i worked , my husband worked we scracth excrement with the chickens and not 1 republican gave any decent plans.Just the party of no

(12-09-2011, 05:11 PM)jayne Wrote: and to you to 1171.....I just think what I work for I should be able to spend the way I want to...not work my arse off and the goverment take it and spend it the way they want to....let them get off their collective arses and work for a change...now wouldnt that be a change we could all believe in? can you imagine the goverment working FOR the people!!!!!!!!!!

And you think putting more republicans in office or tea party members inoffice is going to fix our problems?Wow how quick we forget who got us here!Sorry to break it to you but you,me and most if not all of us are the 99%.

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RE: I received my AME Report along with a check for Permanent Disability - sontaysyw - 12-11-2011, 05:10 PM

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