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mid and low back herniated discs
(11-22-2011, 05:51 PM)1171 Wrote: you can try getting your health care provider to authorize.
they will file a lein against your work comp carrier.

settlement will depend on your recovery.
each person recovers differently and no one can predict yours ahead of time.
some injuries and benefits are for life.
find out more about workers comp in florida here

thanks for the info.do you mean to have my personal health care schedule it?my big concerne is feeling better after and going back to work and it happening again,the surgeon told me if i lift 100 lbs its going to happen.my WC case worker told me they would pay for me to go to school but i checked that out and its vocational,they cant teach what i already know.that confuses me.ill need something that pays the same as i was making and i dont see that happening from the courses they have.i have a feeling this wont end well.thanks again
(11-23-2011, 02:48 AM)AQA Wrote: I truely wish you the best outcome. You did not mention what the two types of surgery were. If you are going to be off work for a year. You may want to not only educate yourself your states WC., but also educate yourself with SSA. (social security).

Take Care
thanks for your concerne.i actually didnt understand what the guy was saying(indian accent)i said why 2 surgeries he said do you want me to cut your whole back open?i waited 2 hours to see him and at this point was very pissed.his lack of care and explanations is what caused me to request a different doc.luckily i did.youve obviously been through this,am i looking at being out for a year?at this point ive lost all hope with these idiots,i guess thats thier plan,besides all this stuff i havent had a problem with WC paying me bi-weekly will they try to stop that?is that why you talk about SSA?thanks again.

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