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Job Trippin
I was at work unloading a truck when the fumes coming off the part made me very sick. I was gaging,eye burning,throwing up and itching beyond control. My employer told me it was a private medical issue and if I left for medical attention I would be on the point system and written up. I had no choice but to go to the ER get several shots and go home.
What do I do now they are trying to write me up and refuse to acknowledge that the products made me sick. The products are made out of the same thing tire are made of.
Just my Opinion, but I would go to your Employers HR Dept. and ask to fill out an injury report, and show them your Emergency Room Forms. They should at that point, send your Report to Workers Compensation for an approval or denial. You may also want to ask for a List of the Current Dr.'s they approve so that you can have a follow up appointment. I wouldn't just let this lie, it needs to be addressed now in case you have any complications later! Best of Luck!!Wink
you didn't list your location in your profile and each state has different laws but I'd recommend you give your employer a written note about the work injury and request that they notify their work comp carrier. keep a copy.
you can also file a claim with their carrier directly.
P.S. this is often times the behavior of an employer that is illegally uninsured. some states have websites where you can check this.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
In order to protect yourself too, you need to get a copy of the MSDS for the chemical compounds you where exposed to! you need to read the precautions on what to do in case of exposure.
If exposure is dangerous, than you certianly have a work comp claim. IF the chemicals require special PPE, the employer is required under federal OSHA laws to provide it.
You may be able to sue the employer if they are uninsured, didn't provide prompt medical attention for exposure to a chemical, AND not providing appropreate PPE.
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I think your work should count their lucky stars that part of the reaction to these toxic fumes didn't swell your airways shut and cause you to not be able to breathe!!!!!!! I'm glad you went to the emergency room...and I would fight getting written up to the bitter end!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you.
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First and Foremost,,,,,Do you think that this will have a lasting effect???? 2nd. If you got sick and were off a few day,s and can return to work,,,,Why do you feel you need to file a WC Claim?
On The Road to Recovery
grundig Wrote:First and Foremost,,,,,Do you think that this will have a lasting effect???? 2nd. If you got sick and were off a few day,s and can return to work,,,,Why do you feel you need to file a WC Claim?

I don't know if it will have lasting effects. I lost work (money), got a new bill(er) and it wasn't my fault. Why isn't it their fault or problem?
In the state of NH you have to miss 4 days in order to get w/c money for the days missed. You need to look at the top of this page under your state for the answers to your questions about your employer filing w/c etc. As far as the chemicals, you need to find out if there is any effect to them later in life. Some could be cancerous. You need to make sure you are covered should anything go wrong with you later down the road. I wish you luck.
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