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Breast reduction for back pain?
Jayne, its always good to hear success stories, so thanks. My husband is very understanding and wants me to be pain free. I am just very sensative to how he feels about it, because to me he is the one who will look at me... forever. It is my body, but I want him to be attracted to me still... very important to me.

Bodybuilder, thanks, you make some good points. I think it would help our "private life" Wink I never would have questioned your credentials, I appreciate any advice (especially if its what I want to hear Big Grin) But it is good to know you speak from experiences too, and not just opinion. I really appreciate it. I may PM you some day.
My friends wife had hers reduced about 4 years ago, mid and upper back pain.. She was in a car accident just over 10 years ago and was at the end of her rope. Her husband didnt want her to do it, but he wasnt the one in pain. She is almost pain free and never regrets doing it..

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