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I see PPD mentioned on other postings. My husband received the PTD I believe right after his accident. When forced to return to work the end of December I think that stopped. He did get partial pay a few times from WC to cover some hrs missed if pain was to much to go in and after he fell on the ice...but the dr did add no slick or uneven surfaces after the fall in January.

Since he was given his permanent disability rating, does he qualify for the PPD? He reached MMI April 6th and has received nothing from WC. They have covered his meds. With the weather changing, it seems to cause more pain. He will be making a appt with the dr to see about getting them changed to accommodate the change in pain levels. This will be his first actual medical need since MMI.

He's feeling overwhelmed right now with all the SSI/SSDI stuff going on. He just sits what he receives aside for me. I'm completing it as best I can. His meds make it difficult for him to help. If he should be receiving PPD why hasn't he? I know this is probably a question for the attorney, but I thought I would get opinions here as well. I'm guessing it would need to be requested. He had his IME with rating.
Without having your file available, it would be difficult to render an appropriate opinion. This is certainly a matter for the attorney to handle and a message board is no replacement for qualified legal guidance.

A short answer, however, is yes, he is entitled to the PPD when he has reached MMI. Those benefits would be substantially less than the TTD, which is what he should have been receiving when he was unable to work. (PTD would be permanent total disability - that doesn't happen often.)
DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney. While drawing from my professional training and experience in law enforcement and as a former Paralegal, no comments offered should be considered as legal advice.
yes, if he was given an impairment rating then those benefits will need to be paid.
it's up to the comp board to calculate any permanent disability benefit based on the doctor's impairment rating.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Ammowomen,its not just his meds its his whole life..I speak from my point of view only of course but everything I had worked for was being taken from me my store that I had opened from the get go found cleaned,painted,set up and opened my way of life,and in return I was given a fuzzy brain and unending pain....it didnt seem a fair trade to me and I was depressed as hell.....watch for that as well its hard on the spouse and if you arent carefull you will go down trying to do it all...give yourself some downtime also ask for help from family to give yourself time off.....we are here to help that also.try the off topics for just letting off steam also girlie you will wear your self out....hugs
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thank for the replies. He got a rating in July. I'll ask him to call his attorney and see what he has to say about it. He has a couple of dr appts in Dec that the attorney made, so I know settlement won't be anytime soon. If they should be paying him then the attorney needs to clear up why they aren't.

Jayne- he has his good days and his bad days. Our dog had puppies and that has helped his depression. I think he feels bad that he has no money coming in and hasn't since April. Luckily I had a good job and carry the benefits. We don't have extra money but we get by. I get up early and get things done before work. We got a routine down. I know with winter coming his pain will be worse and I'm sure his depression will be as well. I'm pretty good and figuring out his bad times. Also our son works nights so he's here during the day with him. I worry about him coming down the stairs when he wakes up. My son usually stays up till I get home but if he's really tired he at least waits till he made it down the stairs. Of course, he's not aware we watch him. Smile
Update on what attorney said.

My husband asked his attorney about the PPD. He said that my husband had signed some MMI form. I guess this is the reason for the dr's appts in December. He has to show proof of disability. Not just partial, but total.

I remember the IC's carrier rep visiting in the hospital the Wednesday after his accident.She must of returned the Thursday as well and had him sign when I was at work. I don't see how they could of had him sign anything since he was on all the pain meds at the time. Either way, attorney didn't say it was a problem, just had to have evidence. Should of known something was up when she came in from Iowa.

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