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Post Surgery Care
I had my cervical fusion 10 months ago. I was supposed to see my surgeon for post op care every month for a year following my fusion, complete with an xray each time. I saw my surgeon ONE time, 5 weeks following my surgery. It was to soon after to see how I would heal and if my bone was growing as it should. Right before my second appointment with my surgeon I learned he lost his priviledges at the hospital, for reasons I still don't know. He was still willing to do my post op care, but his situation made the IC very nervous so they made me stop seeing him. They tried to find me a new surgeon but nobody would touch my case. The one surgeon that agreed to look at my file would not take my case, no explanation. A couple months later I was declared MMI. The IME dr looked at my surgeons notes and said I was fine, as far as the surgery goes. I have had so much pain in the area where my surgery was. I don't know if Im just nervous about the whole thing, or if something is wrong. Does this seem right? Legal? To operate on a persons spine and not follow up.

I don't know where to turn. I have scene a couple new doctors, desperately trying to find someone to handle my care since I was cut off from my team of about 7 doctors that were treating me. They ALL work for my previous employer, so I can't see them anymore if I could afford them. Every new doctor turns me away. They all say my situation is beyond what they can treat and I need to see a pain specialist. Well, all the pain specialists around here are about $400 just to walk in the door, up front... we just can't afford it. But I need care!!?!??!! I know everyone has this problem in the WC system. Part of the 'hoops' I suppose. I just really wish I could find a doc to take me... When I bring this up to my attorney he basically just tells me that he can't really help me, as far as getting care right NOW. How do other people get care when they have been cut off and haven't settled yet???

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated...Big Grin

(I am a terrible speller, I cant find spell checker on here? Sorry)


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