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1171 would be so proud of me
We are still at the campground and last night this huge tricked out 5th wheel came rolling in and tried to back into a slot across from our host camp slot....now I am chillin out in my chair reading a romance paperback thinking about what I am gonna fix for dinner cuz I am getting hungry and the numbscull gets a bit to closs to my truck trying to back his mansion on wheels into his slot..Billl I hiss better go help him hes getting a bit to close to the truck......Bill looks up from his crosstitch yep it calms him.....he takes a deep breath says damn fool under his breath and puts on a camp host smile and gets up.....helps him get backed in without touching my truck or state forest trees and it takes awhile....Bill comes back muttering under his breath drives like he politics....I said what?he said its Rep ****edited by admin****.
And I didnt go over and make him leave....I believe there is room for all kinds even dumb ass Democrats...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

See Jayne the problem was he was backing that fifthwheel in from the right, all of us wacko right wing staunch conservatives who loved Ronald Reagan would know that. What dumb ass democrat can turn right?

I've never taught my husband cross stitch, he can't even tie fish line half way decent.

[Image: sharing-popcorn.gif][Image: sharing-popcorn.gif][Image: sharing-popcorn.gif]
His brother came in last night,driving a Ford 2500 driving a huge 5th wheel Montana....he blew out his tranny trying to back that sucker up hill into a slot.....A neighbor took pity on him and hooked up his Ram 3500 and backed it in pretty as you please....to much trailer for that truck backing it up hill.....Man oh man Bummer some of these trailers are so pretty some even have fireplaces in them! one last week had 5 slides can you imagine what they pay for some of these things....Mercy not to worry they are on their way south....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I see Admin has been busy again and I was so nice.......I even talk politics with him without using any potty talk.....course he isnt in office anymore so he can talk all he wants.....his friend was even able to fix the camp toilet when it went bonkers...all in all we didnt even raise our voices and they stayed an extra week....we traded names of those we knew and those who have passed on in the political world.....and we both agreed washington DC(gasp) needed flushing off all and a new crew brought in to include the head dude.......alot of TP is gonna be needed to bring that about....gonna do my share and buy a case of Charmin to go
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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