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United Way Kick-off Event
This is another busy, the neck pain improved yesterday so I can attend the kick-off as planed.

Every year local United Ways have a short fund raising campaign starting with the Kick-off which for my area is tody.

I volunteer for one of the agencys and see the good United Way does in the community.

For the past two months I have worked on the Unted Way Grant Application and assembling items for the booth I am in charge of.

At our kick-off we will have lunch and a key note speaker will present, next the local United Way President will speak about the campaign.

Volunteers will receive campaign packets and United Way Drives wil be held thu local business.

I will update once I return from the kick-off.
Back from the kick-off, had 3 volunteers working the agency table with me.

This year due to the increase needs of the agencys things are a little diffferent with the campaign.

The goal for for our Untied Way is to raise four hundred thousand dollars which will fund 25 agencys.

Agencys are seing a large increase in the number of individuals they serve while receiving less dollars to provide services.

With less jobs and more workers out of work I feel it will be a real challenge for the United Way Board of Directors to meet this year's goal.

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