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Previous employer closes shop ?
I' am now waiting to be rated after reaching MMI in 6/11. (New Jersey) I should be rated by the end of 2011 after being P/S for 6 month's. I was injured in 9/2002 and received 400 week's of TTD that ended in 5/10. Just found out that my previous employer has gone under and closed shop. Does the fact that my previous employer is no longer open impact my claim in any way? Thank You.
NO. Your claim is covered by the WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE that the previous employer had purchased and paid premiums for. Your employer's status has nothing to do with the benefits, medical care, or settlement of your claim.

The only way this would become a problem is if the Employer was Self-Insured.
DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney. While drawing from my professional training and experience in law enforcement and as a former Paralegal, no comments offered should be considered as legal advice.

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