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Pain Management
So, I drove to Keller this afternoon to find out what my MRI from the 22nd of August said. I am now being referred to a back surgeon due to moderate disk narrowing and desication, as well as broad based central disk protrusion at the T7-T8 that is taking the spinal opening to 3mm vs 10mm. It is causing flattening of the ventral cord surface. There is also increased T2 signal within the central portion of the cord, representing myelomalacia or softening of the spinal cord. Which is affecting neurological function of the spinal cord.

I hate going to Dr's. Seems there is always something new that they find wrong with me. We have put the RSD on the back burner for the moment so that we can take care of my back. The Dr dd give me a scrip for butrans to try and help the pain that is keeping me awake once again at night. Averaging 4 hours of sleep.. and not all at once.

So I here I sit in the hurry up and wait catagory once more. PM Dr had to get a hard copy of the MRI to send with the referral to the back surgeon. Then the surgeon's office will call and schedule me for a new patient visit. Hopefully it won't take as long as all this waiting on the MRI.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
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Make sure that your neurosurgeon has dealt with many people with RSD, it makes a difference in your outcome.

Good luck, prayers my friend,

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