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The forgotten injured worker
I guess it wouldn't bother me as much about being "in the system" or "on the system" because I know I paid into it, but it bothers me greatly to hear about a system that is going belly up because of who is allowed to abuse it. We, the injured workers, have to sometimes go through years and hoops to be approved for a legitimite cause yet being an illegal immigrant gets you signed up immediately or not speaking english is considered a disability or not having an education!!!!!!! Those are the things that bother me when people talk about "the people in the system" and not being productive contributors (even though I know I worked since I was 15 yrs. old) Just wish the government wasn't always so hard on the honest working, injured workers and required more from the free loaders.

I was not the bread winner but my income provided medical coverage and retirement benefits because my husband owns a business....well that business, after 21 yrs., with the economy and theft if going under quickly, so, me having my income back would help tremendously....but 75% loss of use of my hands??? who will hire me?
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