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Letter from state board of healing arts on complaint
(09-15-2011, 04:33 PM)bodybuilder1958 Wrote: Bummer I believe that your disability is listed on each and every medical record you have. My son's disabilities are listed first on any medical record that is not a surgical report. Staff needs to be aware ASAP of any disability to ensure the needs of the client.

While the disability might be contained within the record, those reviewing it generally skip to the notes that refer to the "matter at hand". Underlying disabilities not related to the work injury can easily be overlooked. That is why it is important to TELL them what issues you have that may or may not be directly or peripherally related to the work injury.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney. While drawing from my professional training and experience in law enforcement and as a former Paralegal, no comments offered should be considered as legal advice.
Bodybuilder I know for a fact my work comp files do not list that I am a hearing impaired individual.

A couple of years ago the wc judge sen me a ortho in Wichita, Dr Do, that is not his full name but you will know who I am speaking of.

At this appointment I had my friend the injured nurse go with me to the appointment. Dr Do's PA started interviewing me and things were not going well, I could not hear what the doctor/PA was saying and my answers were off the wall.

My friend had worked with the PA at the local hospital, she stood up and told him she wanted to see him outside the room. She went in the hall with him and told him, "my friend is deaf she can not hear what you are saying"

Well the PA returned with the doctor and they both came into the treatment room, they were both upset my deafness had not been addressed in the medical records with making this appointment very stressful for everyone. Fortunatly Dr Do spoke in a much louder voice than the PA and the appointment went much better.
THe investigator called me this morning, he wanted to know if I still had the audio recording of the doctor's appointment. I told him I recorded the appointment a year ago and I would have to check and see if I the audio recording of the appointment is still good.

The investigator did not realize that I had cervical surgery due to the re-injury.
He is requesting medical records on the surgery, once he has the medical records and audio tape.
His report will go to a panel of doctors who meet every other month, this panel will make a desicion. and I will be notified by mail of the board's decision.
Good news, I checked the audio recording and it is in good shape. The recording is on a tapeless recorder and the investigator wants me to record it onto a tape and send it to him.

Any suggestions on how to get a quality sounding tape for the investigator?
One thing I have not mentioned, the last appointment with this doctor was for the IME. THis doctor was the treating doctor for the left knee, lumbar spine, and carpal tunnel.

I had a bone/joint doctor as the treating doctor for the TKR, this doctor also did the evaluation for the TKR.

At the lst appointment with the treating wc doctor (who injured me) he asked if the bone/joint doctor has rated my knee and I told him yes I had received a rating on the knee.

THe wc doctor had a large meltdown, yelling at me that a TKR makes the knee 100% and I should not have a rating or restrictions on the TKR knee. The yelling went on for several minutes, and this is also recorded.

(I did not put this incident in the complaint)
Well now, he's sounding (the doctor) more like his disgraced, no longer allowed to perform surgery brother (a former orthopedic surgeon, he now does evaluations for the state for disability determination).

It reminds me of the tantrum he (Bummer's WC doctor) threw once in the OR (not my case but a classmate of mine's). He contaminated the operative site, and tossed the mayo stand over. He wasn't allowed to operate with residents anymore (still to this day) nor have any more students allowed. He's lucky that he didn't hurt anybody.

Any hoot, Bummer, me, you, the good folks on this board all know that your leg is not 100%, no one's leg is 100% after a TKR. They removed your natural joint, it's artificial, your original joint lasted you over 40 yrs, this one might last you 10 to 15 yrs if it's working right, there's alot of variables.

Bottom line is this doctor is an A-hole arrogant P$%^K. The only one more arrogant is the surgeon that did your TKR. Frankly I wouldn't send our cat Squeak (AKA the BEECH), who I hate to him.

Just my opinion here but I think it's a pretty good one. BTW, your WC doctor isn't allowed to perform joint replacement surgeries anymore, he had too many problems. His brother nearly lost his license over my stepmother's hip replacement, he fractured her femur and didn't notice it after surgery. She went to bear weight on it and it broke even more, then it got infected. She ended up with a fixed hip.
Fact is I received a rating of 75% on the TKR for the doctor doing the IME. I believe that rating says something about the shape the TKR is in.

The norm rating for a TKR in Kansas is 35%-50%.

According to the IME & Voc Rehab report, Task loss is 82% + wage loss = 97%
The board of healing arts has taken no past actions aganst either doctors/brothers.
Hey BB I received a bit of information today, the Dr who njured me, Dr E. has pulled or is pulling up shop and moving to Topeka to practice. Somehow the move is connected to his brother the other Dr E.

Can you check this out and see if this is true, thanks.

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