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Letter from state board of healing arts on complaint
As most of you know I was injured by the work comp doctor at a scheduled appointment previous to being placed at MMI.

I reported the cervical injury to the work comp doctor at the appointment in which I was placed at MMI. Not only did the doctor not note in the medical records the report of my injury or the test he preformed to determine the injury, the medical records also contain false information.

After speaking with several attorneys I filed a report with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts October 2010. The attorneys I visited tells me most complaints end up in file 13.

I received a letter by mail today from the state board informing me the investigation is still pending and a final resulation has not yet been reached. The letter also included the name and phone number of the special investigator assigned to my complaint.

I feel it is a victory the compaint has made it this far.

Just thought I would update.
It sure would be nice to see a WC doctor get in trouble for something they did wrong. If they did maybe they would stop treating injuried workers the way they do. Best of luck with it
what about your bribery accusation? are you/your atty still pursuing that?
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Good question 1171, I need to ask the work comp attorney if anything is going on with that.
Well I guess it is my time to go before the "Special Investigator II"

After a day of doctor appointments I came home to find a phone call on the answering machine from the investigator/State Board of Healing Arts with the message to return the phone call, as it is time for me to be interviewed.
Bummer you might want to take an extra person along with you for that interview, someone impartial. For strength, to ensure your rights are protected, that's what I've always been told. You never, ever know what a special investigator is going to throw at you. Just an idea.
Not for sure who to ask to go with me. Likely best not to have family along with me, right?
My husband puts it this way...., 'Take a pit bull'. Someone quiet for the most part but bites when necessary.

A good description of yourself, do you want to go with me?
Aw,,, you're so sweet, date and time that I can handle can't do this Thursday, Friday or next Wednesday, it's called, 'Daddy, daddy, daddy'. Gee, he keeps me busier than my husband and kids.

When and where. First make sure that the state investigator is okay with another party being present.


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