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Scar tissue with the cervical surgery and a ?
hi, hi have been on this site for a while and what the two of you<jayne and b ummerknees> are talking about sounds exactly what im going through. I had a cervical decompression a year ago last march, and i still have such extreme stiffness and pain. My recent mri;s show a lot of scar tissue around the neck. I also have a titanium plate with screws that can no longer be seen. I am really interesting in hearing more about other people who have gone through what I am.I am also interested about finding some information about ultram and topamax and if they really work.Right now I am in pa ,any expierences you can tell me about I would really appreciate it and hope to hear from you
"may the best day of your yesterdays be the worst of your future"
Hi Boilerman and welcome to the off topics forum.

I am learning as I go about cervical spine issues with Jayne being a good teacher.

My original work comp injury was the knees, lumbar spine, & carpal tunnel. I was injured by the work comp doctor at the appointment two weeks previous to being placed MMI. The doctor got rough while doing an exam and twisted and pushed where he shouldn't have resulting in a large herniation, displaced nerve roots with pressure on the spine and stenosis according to the MRI taken before surgery. I had an ACDF of C5-6 earlier this year.

I do consider myself fortunate as I do have some bad days but then I also have some better days. I learned earlier this month again I have issues with C-5 which I have shared this thread.

I see the neurosurgeon in two weeks and hope he has good newws, although my primary says treating the symptoms are my only course o treatment.

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