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Scar tissue with the cervical surgery and a ?
I guess I should not be suprised I am having additional complications with scar tissue, had it following the knee surgerys, carpal tunnel, and skin cancer surgerys.

The doctor read the MRI and I have scar tissue at the C-5 level pressing into to the archnoid space and into the cord with stenosis. Right now this is considered mild but will it stay that way?

The ACDF was at C5-6 February of this year and the migraines and neck pain has improved a little so I do have some days where the pain is a 7, much better then before surgery.

Can scar tissue stabilize and not get any worse?
Anyone found a solution for scar tissue?

Thanks for your help.
Bummer Knees
scar tissue is one the biggest problem I have Kathy it is the reason the Drs and I came to the conclussion to not do any more surgeries on my spine cervical or lumbar...I was told to try and remove scar tissue could cause it to come back double.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne I hoped you ould respond to this thread as I knew you had problems with scar tissue.

With the knees thru massage and extensive physical therapy I was able to break up the scar tissue. Is there anything that will work in breaking up the scar tissue with the cervical spine?
not that I know of you could go over to the other place and ask still in limbo but his isnt in the cervical area its in the back.....as you know massage can break it up or physical therapy cant see being able to do that to your neck without mind numbing cervical headaches that would put me over the bend
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Bummer the only thing that can truly stop the progression of scar tissue in a joint is exercise. When scar tissue locks up a joint they manipulate the joint to break it up. But unless the pt keeps up a strenous exercise program it will reform and if it does it's usually worse Everyone develops scar tissue in their body but no two patients are the same. In the abdominal cavity it's called adhesions and it's a major problem for some people, it can be darn right crippling. Problem is removing it causes more scar tissue to form. I've assisted with laproscopic abdominal surgeries that had to be changed to an open procedure because we couldn't identify the organs due to the scar tissue. Cervical spine scar tissue is a major problem, ultra sound only helps to a point.
Physical therapy orders ran out earlier this month. I do have a handful of exercises the physical therapist showed me to do and I do them everyday. I do have to be careful as exerceses can and do trigger migraines.

My primary physican contacted me requesting I schedule an appointment to discuss the MRI, he is an osteopath and has been right on target with everything the neurosurgeon has to say. The appointment is tomorrow.
I saw the primary yesterday and listened to what he had to say.

His opinion, nothing can be done as far as surgery, just treat the symptoms.

He did did say; on the better days do what you can and on the bad days take care of yourself.

I was also given a script for Ultram.

The doctor ended with saying, lets see what the neurosurgeon suggest next month.
Bummer I have noticed if I do not move my neck alot the headaches are less...so I dont drive anymore than I have to because I dont want to move my neck quickly....Topamax helps alot for me but it makes some foods and drinks taste bad fizzy drinks (sodas) being one of them...it is also a med you have to start slowly and work up to the desired dose and you cant stop it all at once....but it does work for me and has cut my headaches down alot....not all of them but enough to warrent the side effects of this med...and it does cut my need for stronger meds which is a plus for me....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thanks Jayne for the info, I know you have the scar tissue and the lose screw of the hardware, jut curious what you diagnosis is with the cervical spine?
they want to go in again and do more surgery and it aint happening....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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