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Am I gonna pay for this...
Monster, you not only have a talent for growing beautiful flowers, but you also have it for photographySmile
Snowbear ~ thank you so much girl, I'm trying so hard to make this work yet I'm getting further behind in school because I'm in so much pain and can't sleep. I do enjoy and it has given me back my will to live as I felt completely useless before doing this. I know it's not something important that will change the world but it at least keeps me busy and my mind off the bad things Smile

Babebahn ~ I feel like crappy pooh honey but the plants must be taken care of I have to much money invested at this point. I only potted 24 that night but moved 82 with the help of my little yellow wagon. I'm paying a high price for the effort but I still enjoy it, LOL Smile

Winky ~ you are to kind as I have one of those idiot proof cameras. The plants are kind of idiot proof as well as they don't like to be fussed with and I can't believe I haven't killed them yet because it makes me happy to be out there, LOL Smile I am NOT going to be a happy camper come winter time Sad

I just went to the store to get one of my staple's in life...Dr. Pepper and Donettes (the little white powdered ones) and as I stopped at the only stop sign I saw a meteor come flying down...,it looked like it hit the mesa above our little town but distances can be so deceiving. I actually thought about driving up there to see if any of Jayne's dancing friends were debarking their alien craft but I'm just to tired to go...
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile


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