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Got Final Rating Now what?
My case is no different I was treated from the start in the wrong way.I hurt my back,neck and right arm,only treated for right arm like it was sprain/strain refusing treating me for back and neck.I try to speak with the adjuster,gave them statements and even spoke with one of the nurses they gave me and still they refuse to treat me for neck and back along with the Dr.on their side.I was forced to take attorney who demanded mri of back and neck,according to them everything came back normal and I was discharge to full duty job.I had to go to my primary doctor to do mri s again of right arm,back and neck whhich showed problems.Not to mention that I was barely walking,my back,neck and right arm killing me.Physical therapist almost refuse to treat me because she said You are really hurt and I don t wan t to hurt You even more.I took workers comp mri s and from my doctor to 3rd reading to experts in radiology Radiia which showed supraspinatus,bursitis and bone contusion on my r.shoulder which wasn t treated right and now I have frozen shoulder,neck-cervical lordosis with spondylosis,L4-5 herniation with annular disc bulge with pars fracture with neuroforaminal stenosis.So as You can see this is how workers comp treat people paying radiologist and doctor to send You sick back on work.I try to go back to workers comp doctor with new findings and they dismissed me saying my claim is denied in full.I was out of myself like my attorney,because they admit that it happened on the job but still denying my claim.My private insurance doesn t want to cover bills even thought I send them denial letter,today lady from attorney general in Tallahassee call me saying that they will also try to help me with insurance company.As I said I wrote everybody from congressman to the white house and will continue to do that.And Jayne I agree with You there is still out there a few good Dr.willing to help You no matter if it is a workers comp case,I m waiting now for IME scheduled by my attorney before adiministrative hearing.
(08-29-2011, 10:10 AM)kristin0 Wrote: Yes it seems like it is the same,I read somewhere on the other forums that most of the people got denied even if there is no real reason.I guess that what WC is trying to do is put pressure on us to get law ball offers putting us in so much debt,by that I mean I have already been served with medical bills sent to collection agency.I ve also noticed that I ve been followed,since I leave in rural area it s hard not to notice when car is in front of your gate with windows down observing so please be carefull because my attorney told me that WC will do anything they can to prove that You are not so bad hurt and since I have my administrative hearing for 2 months they want to present some evidences since they don t have nothing against me.Those are all of their games,before 1 month WC said they will cover medical bills from doctors and then again sent letter saying they want.The reason why they are doing this is because they want to check first do You have something in Your doctor files that can prove their case.Anyway WC is piece of s...,I wrote to congressman,senator and everybody else regarding WC saying that this is worse than a communism and against the Constitution.

I hear what your saying and it's absolutely true, They denied me, and it sucks because I lost my car, my apt, and the doctors bills keep piling up, believe me it's not easy, but Im glad I already got my MMI Rating, and my attorney said he filed to go to court,

(08-27-2011, 11:08 AM)1171 Wrote: you need your own thread and not hijack this one.
as information is state specific (football is asking about california comp not florida), it confuses other readers that are trying to follow the original issue.

Question: My attorney says he requested a court date, How long does it take in California to see a judge?
depends--each court has their own workload and schedule.
expedited hearings have priority --they can get heard in 2 months.
others 4-5 all depends on how busy the board is.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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