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Prayers for Bummer, her daughter
Hi All,

Just asking all for prayers for Bummer Knees as her daughter leaves and starts college. Some of us have been there, a kid leaving home to start life at a big college. Bummer I am sure is having kindergarten heart ache as her daughter leaves home to start life anew in a bigger city at another school.

Bummer we wish your daughter well, good grades and wonderful memories. We pray for you for peace of mind seeing your daughter leave your home for the first time. Hugs and prayers for all.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
We will say a prayer for her and the family. College can be a ruff time for all but can be harder on those at home more then we think. It can also be a great time when everything goes right and that is what we will pray for.

My oldest boy heads back of to college this week. He will only be a little over an hour from here so not too bad. He has 2 years under his belt but took a 4 year break to be a Marine. After having to see him off a couple of times to go over seas during that 4 years college is not going to be a big deal. But we should say a prayer for all those starting and returning to college, they can all use it.
done both....and both can make a mothers heart ache
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thank you everyone we are back from Manhattan where my daughter will live.

We moved her into her apartment, Hubby worked on the outer door locks & knobs. They were not safe, it did not even take a key to get into her apartment. Hubby then went over the windows and secured them, we does this for a living as we own a wholesale window company and hubby does the service work as well as other within the business.

I and two of my daughtrer's friends unpacked her clothes, & household items. She has so much stuff we will take a second load tomorrow to her apartment. Her apartment is about 2 hours away, I will be spending time in this college town this school year.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.
It has been an emotional day.......my daughter is now in her apartment at college, we transported the remainder of her apartment "stuff" today.

Her roommate is a very nice young lady from Porta Rico who speaks fluent English.

My daughter has called six times this afternoon, her apartment is in order and she is at loss for what to do now with her time.
STUDY, look around, make friends, go on the computer, ask questions. But all this is new, a learning experience. When do her classes start. Bummer she's as dazed, scared and overwhelmed as you are. Hopefully the college arranged for a go-between person for her, someone that she can turn to quickly, not her counselor, someone who is a student that she can trust. Josh had one at WATC, volunteered, a senior student, willing to help, there only for him 24/7
Her classes start August 22nd, five days a week, seven hours a day. She has a very full load! The college offers free tutoring, I told her to get on board with the tutoring right away.......she has some tough science classes this semester.

To add to this...Cody started his first day of middle school today. A bus went by this morning and he just knew it had to be his bus leaving him. It took everything I had to get thru to him..... his bus would not be here for another 15 minutes. The joys of parenting.

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