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Hi from Maryland here

I have 2 IMES coming up ordered by Ins Co can I request a copy of them while I am at the Doctors papers say he is precluded from discussing results but it doesnt say anything about receiving a printed copy
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your lawyers can ask for a copy mailed to them but I dont know if you can
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Queenbee I had and IME like 10 days ago, still waiting on the report, they are trying to find me MMI, so they can stop all payments to me, my attorney will get a copy of it when the Dr gets it wrote up, odds are the day you have your IME'S the Dr will not have the report prepared, so i do not think you will get a copy that day, i have had them before and requested they send me a copy and some Dr's have mailed me one and others have not. I am sitting here waiting to see mine so I know what to do financially. I wish you luck with your paid hoes.
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Had an IME about 5 months ago and they still will not give me a report. This must mean the 2 doctors I saw that day agreed with all the other doctors. Only problem is the one doctor told me at the visit he had some treatment I should try to see if it helped. I'm thinking it was not cheap so they don't want it to come out.

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