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My cardinal sin, an interesting discussion
(08-09-2011, 07:36 PM)chrischris Wrote: You become a liability to anyone who hires you. At least that is what they think. Can't even volunteer 'cause volunteers can become liabilities too.

Many states have DWC databases that prospective employers can check to see if an applicant has had an active WC claim.

To get info in California all a requestor has to do is put in their first and last name and email address, then click on the reason they are performing a search.
Then all the requestor has to know is the first and last name of the applicant. Putting in a city helps narrow the search down.

Once they find the person they are looking for, they click "View Cases" and all previous WC case info comes up case by case.

I showed chris chris as an example of how the screen appears before viewing the case information. I really didn't want to post my case info. LOL! But, I will say, it looks terrible from a perspective employers view. I had an injury and consequently a stress claim but on this system it just looks like two claims; which iin my opinion would set up a red flag to an employer.

Requestor information capture
*=required field

The Division of Workers' Compensation retains one year of records for those requesting information through this search function.

First name* Last name*

Uniform assigned name (UAN--if applicable)

Email address*

Reason for search* (CLICK ONE)

Search screen
* Minimum search criteria: EAMS case number or injured worker first name and last name
May use injured worker date of birth, city and/or ZIP code to refine name search
EAMS case number*

Injured worker first name* Injured worker last name* Injured worker date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

Injured worker city Injured worker ZIP code

Search result

If you become able to work again, legally change your name. You have a better chance of getting hired if you have no history. LOL!!!!! Tongue

Thats a great idea, if only the social would change with it........

Bronco do you happen to know if Kansas has such a data base?

I've told my husband for the 3 decades that we've been married that I'd have absolutely no trouble reverting back to my maiden name.
BB, I have no clue.... I was just repling to the post, which is intresting to know...
Kansas does but you need to register for access first. More info here: http://www.dol.ks.gov/wc/doc/AERDS_Requestors_Guide.pdf
I worked for a guy that would have loved to be able to look up past wc problem on people he is looking to hire. That was something he talked about and I'm sure if you had ANY wc case he would have never hired that person. Employers don't care how good you were in the past if you had a case. Only thing the think is how much is this going to cost my company. In small companies I can see the worry but your only problem should be those out there that seem to have a claim every other month and for questionable things
My sister, Millie worked in the aircraft industry in Kansas for over 25 years. She had two work comp claims over the period of her employment.

When she was injured the last time her injury was a shoulder injury requiring surgery of the shoulder and ulner nerve.
She settled with open medical and the max amount an injured worker receives in Kansas.

One thing she had been told from her superviser, "She would never work in the aircraft industry again" this was a promise made to my sister when she reached MMI and upon delivering her work release papers to her employer.

A year ago my sister tried to return to the aircraft industry, the only type of work she has ever known. She applied at the aviation job fair and talked to various HR company reps. She thought she had her foot in the door a couple of times only to be contacted by the company or receive a letter from the company saying they were not interested in her.

My sister did have a contact with one of the HR departments and learned that her name was on a black list and as she had been told, none of the aircraft companys would be hiring her.

My sister started her own business a year ago, a cleaning service with contacts with two oil companys, a state agency, and several local business.

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