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Never had this happen, cancelled interviews
Hi All,

I originally had 5 interviews scheduled Monday-today. Yesterday's afternoon apt was postponed to tomorrow only to be cancelled this morning. I was to have a 10:00am interviews this morning, that has been cancelled and when I asked if they were going to re-schedule I was told that they would get back with me.

????? You call someone up for an interview, sure they don't owe me anything. But 3 cancellations? Calling me up when I'm on the road for an interview just to cancel? How rude, how inconsiderate, did they call me about an interview by mistake?

I realize that I've been out of the job market for nearly 4 years but has things changed that much?

Someone enlighten me, is this the way it is?
I have to drive 40 miles one way to take my yearly physical. I was 30 mile into my trip and the office lady called me and CANCELLED! Pissed me off big time. I wasted 60 miles for nothing.

My point is Do not put more into this than what it is. They can do what they want and have no regard for you are anyone. I feel they had thoroughly looked over your Resume before they set up the interview. Maybe they interviewed someone who they wanted more; This happens frequently.

Believe in yourself and try not to let "mind games" control your thoughts. The mind is a powerful thing.....
I have a friend of mine who is the HR Director for a medical facility, she advertised for a nursing position and received over 300 applications. She said there was no way she could interview over a certian number of applicants, could be something similar.

You will know before long if your name has been placed on a black list. You know the story with my sister, she foundout thru a contact that is what happened with her.

You want me make phone calls and see if they are still accepting applications for the position?
If the job is for a 'Surgical Technologist' sure, doesn't hurt.

The job interview I had yesterday morning (38 miles away) went really well. What surprised me was that the RN doing the interview had asked her friends (my former co-workers) about me and got a glowing review. Things like 'Hardest worker our department ever had, a real go-getter, always dependable, easy to get along with", etc. When the interviewer told me this I was just floored. I figured out that one of those people who stated those things was an RN who I never got along with, well this afternoon I will show up at my former work place with two cakes and a thank you card for those who said those nice things. I don't know ultimately if it will help me get this job but it truly touched me.

it pays to know who your friends are....My best friend and I worked together...she was with me the day I got hurt...she insisted I go to the ER....she was the first to say "I dont know how she got hurt"she wanted my job...she got it 2 years later...At that time there was a law on the books in Okla they had to keep your job open for you.It isnt there any more...(thank you EX Sen. Corn)she got to keep it 1 whole month before she died of stomach cancer....I did try to make nice with her before she died but she was just to bitter....Her daughter and Grandkids are very friendly tho
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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