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Two days filled with interviews
Hi All,

Five interviews for jobs in my career choice today and tomorrow. I've been up since 0430 with my nerves. I'll put on nearly 140 miles on the car with the two interviews I have today. But hopefully, praying that it works out somehow. I've been out for just under 4 years but the true skill of my job (surgical technologist) never truly leaves. It's just adapting to the surgeons and the newer techniques.

Wish me luck,
Will be saying a prayer for you today. And we do wish you luck. It's going to be a great day
you have us all behind you go for it ...prayers winging there way up for you
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Good luck BB, do you have an interview at the hospital where I live?
WTG, I hope it all pans out for you and will be praying .
I had an interview there this afternoon but they've cancelled it until Wednesday afternoon. Which means that I had my son with me for his am appointment, then lunch meeting with my dad, then off to the hospital.

The interview I had this am just rocked but they haven't had me fill out an application, just a resume and a cover letter. But it would be my dream job, it is a surgical center so it's a little bit of everything and so far it pays the most. But it's alot of work, only two scrubs for each shift usually. That's alot of work pulling for cases, turning over the operating rooms, cleaning instruments, sterilizing instruments. The worst thing would be if something went wrong, if a scrub got sick or you needed an extra set of hands. But those were comments I kept to myself. This ASU has been open 6 years and it has high ratings.

We shall see, thanks for the prayers and the kind words.


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