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Update on Todd with good news!
My brother-in-law Todd is doing great!

He had the transplant surgery July 5th removing a kidney and transplanting a kidney his wife, Lori donated. The transplanted kidney died the next day, had to be removed and Todd returned to dylasis.

I saw Todd yesterday and he looks good, even his coloring has improved.
We don't really know what is happening but Todd says he is feeling better now then before surgery. His one remaining kidney's function has improved. His output has improved, he hasn't had lab testing yet to see where is creatin level is but expects an improvement with the labs.

The thought is the kidney that was removed was the disease kidney impairing the function of the other kidney. The one remaining kidney is now working to a point. No one knows how long this kidney will function but the doctor is doing test to determine where Todd is at with this.
Praise the Lord
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Bummer was his wife a perfect match going into it?
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The doctors do not know why the kidney died a day after being transplanted.

The first thought was it was a blood clot that killed the kidney..........once the transplanted kidney was removed it was sent to Mayo for an autopsy and the final results will take some time. What we do know is after local testing it was ruled a blood clot was not the cause of the kidney dying. Could be Todds body rejected the kidney.

I do not think there is such a thing as a perfect match when it comes to a transplant........that is why anti-rejection medications are given after a transplant.

The perfect match is a twin or a clone. But even then things can happen to the transplanted kidney. Gary Coleman lost both of his transplanted kidneys due to his recklessness. The first kidney was lost to drinking alcohol, the second and last kidney was lost in a skiing accident.

It is unusual to reject a kidney that quickly but it does happen. It is unusual to remove the disease kidney, the theory behind that is that the disease stays in the original kidney and doesn't attack the transplanted one. My theory, the disease is already there is the system. But who knows. My late mother had the same disease as Todd, she refused a transplant due to her other chronic disease (crohn's), she lived nearly 6 yrs on dialysis. Dialysis is not easy, hopefully (Prayers always) Todd's remaining kidney will provide him some relief.

How is Todd's wife doing?


Lori is moving very slow, not doing as well as Todd. The last couple of days in the hospital she had a rough time.

With Todd the doctor tossed around not removing the dosease kidney but ended up removing it in surgery. Todd's younger brother has the same kidney problems as Todd and will one day also need a kidney transplant.
Did they remove a rib to get the kidney out? One of our neighbors here donated a kidney a yr ago to her twin brother. They did an alternative orifice so her recovery time was more than halved. But it's up to the surgeons, patients involved as how to do the surgery. Part of Lori's problem might be her grief over the kidney not working, that's always a hard sell when it doesn't turn out right.

The rib was not removed, the lesser surgery was done.

The Friday Lori was in the hospital she had mass bruising, she was found to have internal bleeding, her vitals started dropping and she was put on oxygen. For a while we did not know if she was going to make it.

It believe that in part is why she is having a rough time with recovery.

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