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A Great Site for Medicare-Setaside Info!!
Hi Everyone, I Hope You are all Well Today!! I was just browsing a couple of sites I look at occasionally, and I found a Great Site that explains the Medicare Set-Aside Procedure, and give the Addresses of the Ten Regional Offices in the U.S.! You may want to Bookmark this Site for Future reference, I know I sure did! I am going to Post it just as I found it, I'm not good at shortening URL's and I want everyone to get it correct! I Hope this Helps answer some questions, it seems this has been coming up a lot lately! I Hope Everyone has a Pain Free Day!!Wink

Nice find Limbo! Big Grin
Big Grin 

Just emailed the pdf file to my Attorney

wishes for a pain-free day!
Bump so others can see!!Wink
Hi Limbo
I've been posting and reading post for a little while now, but I have a dumb question, what does it mean when some of you say BUMP? Does it mean something like bumping the post for someone else to answer?
There is a probably very simple answer to this wording, that I'm missing.
I was also wanting to know about the area under our names that says Reputation, what is that all about?
Just wondering.
bumping to do bring the post back to the top .. for someone else to answer it .. hopefully Smile

Reputations are what your feelings are about the person .. you can give a nice comment when they help you with information .. I also have seen it used for people that dont get along ..
Look at someone who has a rating of say 20 or so ... they are the ones who have given alot of help or opinions ..
Hope you are enjoying the forum ,, great bunch of people on here !
Good Morning Vick! Tweety as usual has given you a Great answer to your questions! I have nothing to add but I Hope You have a Pain Free Day!!

Tweety, Thank You for answering that for me! With my Pain as of late I haven't been so fast on my answers. How have you been feeling lately Tweety? I Hope Well! Thanks Again, and Have a Great Day!!
Great site Limbo - Thanks for sharing!!!!

Thanks Tweety

I have been having some trouble with the internet, so I just did read your answer.

Thanks Limbo

I hope you too have a pain free day. I had a bone scan today on my lower back and left hip and hope that it doesn't show up anything permanent.

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