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Cody update
Thought I would start this thread to update how my 12 yr old son is doing. Cody has Autism, PPD-NOS and is able to pretty much talk like everyone else, tho sometimes his words comeout a little slow.

Cody graduate from 6th grade this past Spring and will start middle school next month. We live in a large school district and the town where the school is located is 2 towns away, but Cody will ride the school bus most days so that will be of help.

One of the fears I have with him starting middle school is it being a very big building and him getting lost. Well he proved me wrong on that one, when Lori & Todd were in the hospital, (an 8 story hospital covering several city blocks) he was going up & down stairs, using the elevator and always able to find his way back to the surgery waitting room.
So much for my fears....

Another thing Cody has started doing this summer......
I showed him one time how to get the laundry out of the dryer and fold it. Now I am finding folded laundry on the dinning room table and sometimes he puts up the towels in the bathroom without being told.

This morning I got up went downstairs without making my bed. I went back upstairs and found my bed made with the throw pillows where they belong on the bed. I checked his room and he had also made his bed this morning.

The thought process that goes into doing the new things he is doing tell me he is understanding much more than the teachers & I give him credit for.

I kinda like the independent Cody.
That is just so cool BK. Tell him I have lots of towels (already out of the dryer) that need folded as well as beds here that need to be made ~L~

Cody is an amazing person in his own right.. and Randy still talks about our last visit there. The brass knuckles (wooden) that Cody made and talked Randy into buying (which Randy would do only after Cody carved his name in them) sit in honor on the buffet in our dining room.

We need to get back up to Kansas, but are waiting to hear first what is going on with the trial in Sept. or if there will finally be a plea agreement reached with the defense.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
Let me know if you come this way in September. We need to spend some time together!
about time we have GOOD NEWS on here so thankful for you and your family
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
cool dude Cody....WTG
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

WTG Cody.

Public schools have a way of holding autistic kids back despite how intelligent they may be. Most autistic kids do better in BD classrooms than LD classes.

One little unknown law throughout the country is that parents can write their kids IEP's. I discovered this when my oldest was in the 9th grade. Sure the school system balked at my doing it but it was in my son's best interest. His IEP had items on it that had been there since he entered public schools in the 7th grade (I homeschooled him for 5 years). His goals to be met were more appropriate for not only his grade level but suited his intelligence. The goals were not meant to single him out but rather help him to become more independent. I made the school have my son sit with us during his IEP review. To their surprise he agreed with all of the goals to be met and didn't argue about a single thing.

wrightslaw.com, has books on writing your son's own IEP, I'd check it out.

I have a large collection of the wrightlaw books, videos, and audios in the Lending Library/non profit I run.
Getting ready to write another grant to fund purchases to be made in 2012.

I have a classroom in a local elementary school that houses the Lending Library and Parent Resource Center.
Parents and school staff are able to check out items at no cost for their tempory use.

BB the IEP team will be visiting the first few weeks of school to rewrite the IEP, I will be reviewing some of the videos before the meeting.
Our Daniel cannot sit in a classroom he gets distracted so easy and then asks to many questions because he is lost as to what the class is doing....he doesnt want to write longhand he wants to print...and was failing because of it....we took him out of public school started to homeschool him 2 years ago he aces it...and does all the work before lunch...he is very smart just cant take the time to write in long hand neatly...last year we took the other 2 out when we asked Carrie to explain some math to Daniel because she is a grade ahead of Daniel and she said....we are not doing that math yet....it was a hard year for Carrie she had to play catch up but she did it and made all As and won a 50 dollar check from the local bank for doing it...
Your local school can only teach as fast as the slowest student in their class.....or they let that child go all together along with the smartest kid and teach to the avarage child...but if there is one on one your child can zoom....we have seen it this year with K-12 our kids have a love of learning that wasnt there before.when they turn on the TV its to the discovery channel not to the cartoon channel now...when we go camping its for a purpose we take walks and are learning about what is around us....it is drawing us closer as a family also.....I love it...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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