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Heat wave continues...
Got home from CO/WY about 10 AM yesterday morning. Our heat wave continues with no relief in sight. While out taking the rental car back and running a few errands, the thermometer on my car showed 116 outside, although the actual temp (registered at Sheppard AFB about 20 minutes from us) was only 111. We are still under an extensive heat advisory that they say could last till sometime next month. No rain to be had and according to the weather, no chance in the foreseable future.

Loved getting away and into CO and WY. Even the 90's were tolerable for me. Had a nice little rain while at daughters home in Torrington, and taught my grandbaby how to splash around in the gutters (under momma and gramma's supervision) after the rain had ended.

On our way home Wednesday afternoon/night, we had rain for most of the trip from Castle Rock,CO into the very northern part of the pan handle of TX. (Took southern route I-25 into Raton, NM and down across the panhandle). We were hoping that the rain might follow us, but it didn't. Some of the rain was torrential downpours where I had to run the wipers on high, others just light rains. Sure wish we could have brought it home. Trees and plants out front are dying and no amount of watering with the hose seems to be helping.

Businesses are doing their own brownouts (turning lights down 45 minutes out of every 3 hours) to try and help the stress on our power grid. If things don't change by Monday, the city will be under rolling blackouts, with power being out for 45 minutes at a time. The power companies say they will try to keep the blackouts from happening no more than once every 24 hours per area, but can't guarantee that it won't happen.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open

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