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My father has a potty mouth
Hi All,

I love that 84yr old man to death, would do anything in the world for him. But with his alzheimer's progressing he's developed quite the potty mouth. It's embarrassing, it's an "Oh God" moment all the time around him. Part of me still is grateful that he can still talk, that he still recognizes me. But when the potty starts, well let's just say that my face is continuously red.

The latest stunt, his GI specialist is Arabic, Admin would ban me from the forum if I typed out what came out of this former pastor's mouth, (Ordained 12yrs ago). His heart specialist is also Arabic but my father just adores him, I don't understand half of it. So pray for me to have strength because it's hard.

He's been in the hospital twice this month for intestinal bleeding. Nuns all over and out comes the potty mouth. You know it's bad when you walk into his room and read on the board this; "Patient is prone to hostility and has a potty mouth", that was written by a nun, his nurse. Constantly apologizing to people, I hear about each and everything that comes out of his mouth.

The blessing though, when we returned from Yellowstone this month. He took my hand and asked me if I had a nice time. Then he told me a story (a true one) about the 2 months he and Gary Stone spent in Yellowstone in a tent, surviving mainly on the fish they caught. In a canvas tent that constantly leaked. That story made me cry, it's the first real memory he's shared with me in about a year. Then he started to cry, he told me that he didn't remember if Gary Stone was still alive. I left to go to a care meeting about him, when I returned to his room my dad asked me this. "When did you get home? I haven't seen you in months." That too made me cry, but I try not to cry around him because he usually starts crying too. But I'm just grateful for each and every moment I have with him, even with the potty mouth. Hopefully when the Lord does take him home he'll still remember my name like my grandfather still remembered my grandmother's name.

Thanks for listening,
Bodybuilder, don't take his language personally. My mother is in the final stages of alzheimers. She was diagnosed late, just a few years ago. At that point she had started saying the most outlandish things, and got extremely mean towards my father. TOTALLY out of character.

They don't know what they are saying. It is just the hideous disease they suffer from. If you have not yet done so, read the book "The 36 Hour Day". Quite helpful for those of us dealing in the wreckage of our loved ones lives.

Long distance hug.....
hugs from me also.....taking care of our parents is a hard but joyful job...we love them with all our hearts but some of the things they do are so not them.....Hug your Daddy for me,I miss mine so much but know he is in a better place....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

God Bless you, it is so hard to care for somebody we love so much and this comes out of them. We all know it's not them but it doesn't make it any easier. When my dad was dying with cancer one of the hardest things I had to do was care for him one night. It was so hard to understand what he needed and was trying to tell me. It doesn't leave us with the best of memories.
Body Builder I believe we are headed that direction with my mother-in-law, she is showing symptoms of the disease.

Prayers for you and your fathers.
Bummer if your mother-in-law is displaying those symptoms it's a good idea to have her evaluated. My father is in a drug trial and we have noticed a difference in his memory at times. It's a hard road but easier once everyone has the answers.

Wednesday will basically be all day with dad (except for my WC doc apt in the am). He sees his arabic GI specialist and I just hope my dad is in a good mood and that the doctor is willing to handle any verbal abuse if it starts.
...and you will send me a message and let me know how your appointment goes? Details!
I will definitely let you know how it goes. But I will be gone most of the day.

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