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Final settlement
I asked my lawyer to contact the Insurance to settle
my claim for good.He says:I do not know when and if your case will be settled. It is 6 years now.I had a hand surgery,have a hardware in side of my hand. When I heard this news I got furious. How it is possible? NOT to have my case settled. Is he a good lawyer?.Should I hire another one. I got 30 % impairment rating.I will give up my future medical rights in the settlement.Reached MMI 2 years ago. Underwent therapy and more. For 1 year I did not bother my lawyer and the Insurance with anything. There is nothing what can be done more with my hand.I will not need and I will not ask for any future medical assistance. I want to finish this sensless waste of time . Can anybody give a clue what to do next?
(07-18-2011, 11:55 AM)Ruki Wrote: I am in process of asking my lawyer to contact the Insurance to settle
my claim for good. It is 6 years now.I had a hand surgery,got 30 % impairment rating.I will give up my future medical rights in the settlement. I am female, 52 years old,earning $ 880.00 per week before accident. What else will be calculated in the settlement? My lawyer will tell me his settlement money, but I want to know if anybody had a similar settlement case? Happened in MD.Big question is : how much is fair amount?

If you need future medical, You must make provision's for this. Lika A MSA. Are you at MMI?

You cannot force the IC to settle. How much you will get I have no idea BUT if you know you will need future medical because of this worl related injury, you must/better do have a MSA to cover Medicare's interest or future interest.

there is no single figure that is fair in every case.
there is no way to give an exact amount to how much you'll need to spend on treatment.
each worker has differing medical needs.
you and your doctor are the best ones to estimate what the loss of comp coverage of your injury is worth.

like freebird says if you are medicare eligible or will be soon you will need a set aside agreement to manage your medical.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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